Monday, 6 April 2015

"Shoes & Bags"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happens by.  Welcome to my Blog, I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Easter.  
We had the most amazing weather here yesterday.  The forecaster said it reached 21degrees.  I don`t think he was far off the mark either.  I went for my usual 21/2 mile walk, on the homeward mile I was walking right into the sun.  Got back, spent all day helping John in the garden.  Lunch and afternoon tea outside and guess what  ..  my face got burnt!!!  I did have suncream on, had my glasses on which have metal frames.  The sun had reflected off the bottom rim and my cheeks got rather red.
I have a project I was doing last week to show you:-

Shoes and matching bags!
Bags are made using Centura Pearl Card from Crafters Companion.
Shoes and the contrasting work on the bags are made using "The Works" 12 x 12 paper pads.
I was in Perth last week, tried to get some more but it was all gone.
The bag for the red shoes was to have 2 handles but I forgot to put them on before I glued the back of the bag to the front!!!  Never mind it now has a shoulder strap.

We had a laugh in the evening, Robert (8) sent us a message. 
Just got back to the Hotel after an "apselootly" huge walk along the beach. Don`t you just love that they always find a word!!!!   
If I was to type that on my IPad,  Spellchecker would have given me a totally different word altogether at least his made sense.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. Your shoes and bags are amazing Robert has made me smile Remind me of my son when I was rushing to get him ready for Nursery and I was very heavily pregnant with my daughter In my rush I accidentally pulled the zip up on his coat and "pinched" his throat He started crying and said "My zip bit me" Bless him

  2. Good morning Patricia, I hope you have plenty of sun cream ready for today don't want to get those cheeks burnt again? It's a beautiful morning here so we will be making the most of it. These set are gorgeous and I know our Tammy has already decided they are hers, she has 2 friends who will receive these beauties for their birthdays.
    Have a good day, I do like Roberts description of their walk. Hazel xxx

  3. Stunning collection of bags & shoes! They are all so beautiful. I looked in out branch of The Works but no 12x12 paper or card so I'll have to keep going back.


  4. Morning Patricia, what lovely shoes and bags, will probably try something similar for my besties birthday. Have a great day. Bx

  5. I do so love matching bag and shoes...very stylish!! Have a lovely Monday xx

  6. Gorgeous creations Patricia. Sounds like a fab day too. xxxx

  7. Morning Patricia,
    Lovely bag and shoes.We too had sun yesterday but it was a bit chilly, looks like it's going to be the same today.

  8. Stunning bags and matching shoes Patricia, I really love the designs and gorgeous papers.
    It sounds like you had wonderful weather yesterday, I hope today is fine too.
    hugs Sue xx

  9. Good morning Patricia and all that visit. Its grey, chiily and very foggy here in Bolton Lancashire, it started like this yesterday but by lunch time it was a very warm, very sunny, very beautiful spring day. I do hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday however you spent it.

    I love your wedding card Patricia. That die is great. What more do you need ? It makes such a plain simple card for those that dont like too much fuss, plus so easy for postage. I think I need that die, it seems so versatile. Can be used for same gender celebrations too. I have a tiny Mr & Mrs die but it couldnt be made the main focal point like your's Patricia, I've done a few Mr & Mr cards as I have Mrs & Mrs so these dies are so useful. I need to go and find where I can buy them from and how much ! Ive still not got any further forward with the rose or landscape stamps, hopefully one day I will treat myself (when SW stops launching new products) !! Lol.
    Hope the contents of the jar was worth the bartering lol.

    I cant find the words to say how pretty your bags and shoes are. I really must go back to the 'cafe' and write down those instructions as Id love to give them a go !
    I hope you all had a really nice Easter Sunday.
    And that whatever your plans for today, stay happy and healthy.
    Hugs all round.
    Lancashire Steph xxx

  10. Wow, you really some fabulous weather, wish I could say that we had the same... I love your bags and shoes, they are gorgeous and I love the shoulder strap, it makes a lovely change. Beautiful work, as always! Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Hi Patricia

    That was so funny reading his text. Anyways I adore those wee shoes!! Do u have instructions on how to make them please???? They are so fab!! Xx

  12. Hi Patricia,

    Beautiful creations, love them both. We had wonderful weather here too though do not think it reached those temperatures, at least it did not feel like it lol! Hope you face is better today, sunburn on your face can be really sore, plenty of after suncream lol!

    Have a great day

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  13. Fantastic. Love that there is even a design inside the shoes. Very Posh!

  14. Wow, what a fabulous set of designs! LOVE those purses! Great choice of papers, so perfect for a feminine project like this. :)

  15. Oh my Patricia these are gorgeous!!! huggles Sue xx

  16. Hi Patricia
    The sets you have made are smashing. These will fly from the cabinet. Those papers are lovely but I must resist!
    As for your red cheeks, I'm hoping its the ones on the face or will John be having to apply the lotion? Hahaha!
    Its an amazing day here today too.
    Ang x

  17. Ha ha ha! Your post title made me sit up like a meerkat Patricia, lol! For I absolutely LOVE shoes and bags (I'm a positive Imelda in that respect ;-) Your sets are gorgeous!! Such feminine sets and a pleasure to the eye, thanks for sharing these little beauties with us. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, hugs, Ira xox
    ♥Ira’s Crea Corner♥

  18. I love these shoes and bags Patricia! They are fabulous. Girl, I need to be walking 2 miles a day.. I had a aunt who was 82, and she walked 5 miles a day, everyday except Sundays. God Bless her.

  19. Wow you have been a busy bee - these are stunning and love how you have matched everything perfectly - if these are going in the tea-room cabinet I'm sure they will 'fly' out xx I can believe you got caught out with the sun - I went out this morning in the car and had to come home and get changed as I was 'boiling' - one extreme to another but not complaining xx enjoy what is left of the Easter break xx GailT xx

  20. Wow wow wow! These are absolutely beautiful! Such fabulous creations and so perfectly co-ordinating.

  21. these are stunning - absolutely perfect! Gorgeous creations Patricia xx

  22. Hi Patricia,
    What a lovely surprise when I logged on and saw that you'd posted. We have been in the country all day with my brother and his wife and it was glorious. A bit like your shoes and bags!!!
    Maureen xx

  23. Hi Patricia, We have had good afternoon weather here. although not as good as yours, isn't it gorgeous when the sun shines.
    I adore your shoes and bags, they look gorgeous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Wow Oh Wow these are so beautiful Patricia, one thing is for sure, they will not gather dust in the cabinet in the café.
    We have had thick fog this morning but some sunshine this afternoon, thanks for sharing the sun!
    With love
    Margaret xx
    PS Your wedding card was fabulous I am on the look out for that die xx

  25. Hi Patricia, wow these bags and shoes are gorgeous, they won't be in the cabinet for long I'm sure.
    Jess x

  26. We had a gorgeous day too Patricia and another today. Love your bag and shoes sets, they're apselootly gorgeous! Carol x

  27. Oh Patricia, I love your shoes and bags! They will fly out the door!
    Love the colours you have chosen . Beautiful day here today too. Sat in the garden until after 6pm.
    Lots of love, Myra xxx

  28. Wow these are Gorgeous Patricia. Just looked at what you showed yesterday as well. Lovely card. Enjoy your day out this week.

  29. Hello Patricia,

    I see you've now invested in another Sue die the bags (of course) and those mules are outrageously cute...almost wearable although I doubt they're a size

    Amazing how often kids come up with just the right word isn't it...


  30. Hi Patricia, great shoes and bags, love the papers, shame you couldn't get more.
    I was only saying to hubby that folk may get burnt as the weather was glorious, hope your face is ok?
    I took my youngest for an "apselootly" huge walk too, half way around he'd had enough! Too warm.

    Hugs Erika. x

  31. Hi Patricia, wow your weather sounds so lovely. The shoes and bags are super cute.

    Hugs diane

  32. Hi Patricia, wow your weather sounds so lovely. The shoes and bags are super cute.

    Hugs diane

  33. Hi Patricia,
    Oh wowser you are so talanted .The bags and shoes are wonderful!
    Well done to have the patient for making such a lovely things.Hugs Maria x

  34. Wow Patricia gorgeous shoes & bags they are stunning I'm sure they will sell well.Hug's Lynda xx

  35. These are gorgeous, so cute! Hugs Carole Z X