Wednesday, 22 July 2015

"Change of Post"

Hello dear Blogging friends, thank you so much for your fantastic support.
I am still not blogging but thought it was time to change from my last offering.  I am a very positive person, life goes on, my previous post was rather sad in lots of ways.
I have said it time and again that I worry about who looks in on all the Blogs. I never post that we are away and the house is empty.  I personally feel that`s just asking for trouble.  However it amazes me that people do it all the time also on Facebook to me it`s an open invitation.
I have so many wonderful and loyal Blog friends and I really appreciate your support and friendship.
I will be back sometime after the summer.  I am still crafting away in the background, I just have to keep my hands busy.
Here is just one of the projects I have been working on.  I have made a few of these in different colours to use with Battery Operated Candles:-

Die used to create this is a Crafters Companion DieSire Die
A Mixture of Flowers Dies

Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Patricia xxx



  1. Lovely to hear from you again Patricia! Like you I am amazed that so many people live their entire lives on Facebook. It really concerns me. Keep your chin up and keep crafting! Big hugs and lots of love from Christine xx

  2. Oops, forgot to admire your lovely "lantern". C xx

  3. Oh Patricia! I was so very sad to read your last few blog posts. It is a strange world in which we live and I despair of the needless petty and unkind ways of the few. I am sending you a very big hug and hope that these things get resolved. So sorry. Thanking of you. Hugs, Jayne xx

  4. This is amazing Patricia, so beautiful, xxx

  5. Morning Patricia,
    A beautiful creation. All I can say is stay positive. There are some unpleasant things going on tin the world today.

  6. This is so beautiful Patricia, your flowers are always so stunning and a joy to see.
    I am pleased that you have had a lot of support from your blogging friends but I still feel saddened that so much upset has been caused.
    Take care, sending you hugs, Sue xx

  7. Oh Patricia, this is a stoater! I have just pinned it to remind me, I may try something like this....some day.
    I agree with you re facebook. One girl I know put all the details of her trip to Inverness with friends on it, then when she arrived, someone (no idea who) had called and cancelled her booking, using her name and the details on face book. To my mind it can be a very destructive tool.

  8. Crivens, help ma bob Patricia, you're not wrong there, I'm gobsmacked by what some folk reveal on FB, it's astounding what people say, do you think it is the only way they can feel like a celebrity?, I'm beginning to think so, their little 15 minutes of fame.
    Anyhow, lovely to see you here and with this gorgeous lantern, now a demo would go down well. what fab gifts these would make.
    Keep positive, well I know you will, hugs Kate x

  9. It's so good to hear you are still creating. I've been so busy with garden produce and yard work in and around almost daily showers that I can hardly have energy to crawl to my craft room, much less create!! Hoping to get back on schedule again after the growing season!

  10. Hi Patricia,
    I found you at last and what a beautiful lantern your flowers are some of the prettiest I've seen. I was wondering how to get in touch with you about those die-cuts I promised you and Hazel so perhaps if you could email Sandra for my email addy and then send me your address I could get them in the post asap. Hope you pop onto your blog to read this.
    Love and hugs Sheila xxx

  11. PS....or if you look on an email that we all had my email will be on there. xx

  12. Hi Patricia,
    Lovely to see your blog back even for a little visit! What a delightful Lantern . Your flowers as always are gorgeous!
    Totally agree about Facebook! Wouldn't touch it! Mustn't let the bad people get the upper hand though!
    Take care. Speak soon!
    Love Myra xxx

  13. Well this was a surprise to see you post big sis? Oh I like your box in the black as well, it's stunning. Xxx

  14. Sorry I haven't popped by for a while. Love all your fabulous creations. This one is stunning xx Jan

  15. Stunning Patricia and can't wait to see your crafty creations that you are beavering away at xx glad that you have posted again, your last post wasn't too sad it was how you felt at the time and if we didn't have sad times then we wouldn't have happy times either xx hope you are okay and thank you for sharing your lovely candle holder xx by the way I wanted to ask on your last post, what is the die you used to make your stunning flowers? xx GailT xx

  16. Patricia just love your flowers, this lantern is amazing.
    Nice to have a wee blog from you.
    Take care, Jess xxx

  17. This is gorgeous Patricia. Love the design and all your pretty flowers.
    Good to see you post again. Have a lovely summer.
    Lorraine x

  18. Patricia, so happy to see this gorgeous project posted today. And pleased that you are crafting in the background and occasionally surfing blogs. (BTW, thanks for your visit today. The post should have been a draft, but I hit publish instead! Then had to scramble to figure out how to fix it, as it's not due until Sunday!). I'm glad you are keeping positive..only you know what is right for you. We'll all be waiting til you're ready to post again..Today's project with these luscious flowers is just gorgeous. TFS & Hugs

  19. Just catching up after my holidays sorry to read your last post, I'll miss seeing your gorgeous projects over the summer....enjoy your time away from the blog. Love today's project, the flowers are so pretty - it will make a beautiful table centre piece. Carol x

  20. Hi Patricia,
    wonderful to see you blogging again, and posting such an incredibly beautiful box with such superb flowers on it.
    I love the superb creation.
    You enjoy the summer, and your break.
    Looking forward to your return to posting after the summer, and your wonderful creations.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  21. Hi Patricia

    I totally agree .. .. Facebook has a lot to answer for .. .. and the open way people use it amazes me.

    It is the first place most prospective employers look now when folks apply for jobs .. .. and I doubt many paint a very good picture!

    My happy couples can't believe I won't go near Facebook or Twitter and keep trying to persuade me to "dive in". I really can't convince myself that it is safe.

    Lovely to see you posting today - and such a beautiful make too. I bet it looks gorgeous in the dark with the light flickering away.

    Enjoy your summer and crafty pursuits.

    Love Jules xx

  22. Wonderful to see you posting again Patricia, do miss see your stunning makes. but understand too why you decided to stop away from blogging for awhile.
    Your box is stunning, love the colors of these gorgeous blooms..
    I only post cards on F/B .. like you it's unbelievable what they put on there.
    Hope you come back soon.
    Hugs pam x

  23. Hi Patricia, stunning lantern and I am pleased you stay positive and not let them have the benefit of the sorrow they have caused you .
    I am neither on Facebook nor on Twitter or whatever else there is .I just look at the different blogs and comment on some and that's it.
    Take care enjoy the summer and hope to see you back soon .Jane B.

  24. Hi Patricia, What a lovely surprise to see your post and such a stunning project too. Hope you are having a lovely summer with your family.x

  25. Morning Patricia, This is absolutely gorgeous, your flowers are always beautiful.
    Lovely to see you again, albeit fleetingly, but I so understand.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  26. Hello Patricia, lovely to see you here and with such a stunning lantern. I love making these and have a hold hoard of those battery taillights! Take care and carry on crafting, hugs Carole Z X

  27. Hello Patricia,
    What a wonderful surprise to see this today. And it's the most beautiful lantern that I've ever seen. See you the next time you decide to delight us.
    Love Maureen xxx

  28. Lovely surprise to see your blog post. Your crafty make is just stunning-can't wait to see what your next project is.


  29. This is absolutely beautiful!! Love everything about it!!

  30. Wow Patricia this is beautiful, love the lantern and all those fab flowers. We are missing you and your beautiful creations.

    I'm with you though announcing on the net that you are away does seem like an open invitation and I was reading somewhere that insurance companies now check the internet, if you advertise the fact you are away and then get burgled your policy could be null and void! Scary!

    At this time of the year with the kids off school I just find it difficult sometimes to keep up with posting everyday, real life kicks in!
    In the great scheme of things that is what is more important.

    Great to hear you are still creating, take care, hugs Erika. x

  31. Oh I nearly missed this one, you do like to keep us on our toes I must say I really would have hated to miss this wonderful work of art from you so very lovely and those flowers are as always fantastic.
    I fully agree with what you are saying, I don't go onto facebook quite simply I just don't trust it, there has been such trouble with it for some people. Trouble is not to look for, enjoy your summer.
    Margaret xxx

  32. Just gorgeous Patricia, maybe when you have time you could show a tutorial of how you created this lovely project.

    Hugs Diane

  33. Aww Hi Patricia I fully agree with everything you say about people putting things on about being away and such! this is really gorgeous it's stunning!! have a lovely summer with your family and nice to see you back for a bit :))) huggles Sue xx

  34. Good to see you have posted today. I have already seen this lovely lantern. I am thinking of making some more this year with Sue's Striplet dies. Am going to give it a try when I get the time. Something that eludes me at times. I agree about Facebook etc., don't like it at all. Take dare.

  35. Lovely to see your beautiful post ....I and 100% with you on what peoples post especially going away on holiday...


  36. Hello Patricia I have found you xx Catherine from Belfast xxx

  37. Patricia what a gorgeous gorgeous creation you have the lacy lantern and the beautiful flowers
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  38. Hi Patricia.
    Love ur project. I'm glad to see u e posted again an look forward to u coming back.
    I don't have Facebook but all my friends have.
    However I just can't be bothered with all the gossip and sh****e that's on it lol xx

  39. Hi Patricia
    Gosh, nearly missed this as wasn't expecting it, if you know what I mean lol!
    Don't do Facebook or Twiiter. If I need/want to get in touch with friends, I text, email or phone. No need for owt else. Mind you, some blogs have gone that way too so I know what you mean about folk giving too much info.
    Thank you for showing your pretty lantern and hope you enjoy your break.
    Ang x

  40. Hi Patricia,

    Sorry only just noticed this one lol! Stunning candle box, so gorgeous. Have a fabulous summer and look forward to seeing you back then.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  41. Missing your posts and was thrilled to view this delightful one...take care and keep smiling...xx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  42. I have truly been missing you! This box is so lovely...your roses look like I could pick them!

  43. What a lovely surprise to see you back albeit only briefly. Love this lantern and your flowers as always are amazing. What I find sad about Facebook and the like is that too many young people keep in touch only through social media and never meet up for a chat anymore.
    Love Saba xxxx

  44. Hi Patricia,
    oh wow that is a beautiful Lantern and as usual your flowers are amazing.
    I do use facebook sometimes, good especially if I try to get hold of my parents. I can leave them a message and then they can tell me when it's good to call them. They are not easy to get hold of as they are always busy ! hugs Maria xx