Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Very quick Happ Birthday Card

Hello Blog friends and all who call in today.  Great to have you here, hope you are  all well.  If you are a bit under the weather I send you a few (((((hugs))))).
I have been rather busy doing not a lot these past few days.  You know the kind of thing ... nothing desperate needing done but seems to take you ages to do it.
I do like to get all the usual "daily routine" things done as soon as possible that way I have time to "play".
The old lady in the village that I make cards for was needing a Birthday Card.  Oh! she phones me early, maybe 10am. "to give me plenty time" to make these cards ...... she needs them for when Lawrence the Postman gets to her street .. approx 12.30.   We are very Rural, the Postman comes in his little red van!!!  Lawrence takes any mail we have ready and stamped which is great, he sorts it all when he gets back to the depot.  We find that any mail he deals with arrives at its destination very quickly.
Anyway here is a very simple card I made yesterday:-

Nothing too fancy but can I have one of your flowers on it please, was the request.
Base card Pink  PMD card stock
Piece of paper from a FreeBee Paper Pack
White PMD card Die cut with a Darice Die from my usual supplier did not have this Die when I wanted it.
I usually get all my Dies from they are amazing.  Order early in the morning and delivered here in Rural Perthshire next day if they have it in stock.
Ok! back to the card!!!
Rose made using Spellbiners "A Grand Life"  Garden Blooms Die Set.
Leaves were a MB Die Cut that was in my Die Cut Bit Box.  I just cut it apart to fit
Pearls from my stash
I sent along some Pink Tissue and a piece of ribbon.  In the past I have shown Mrs McGowan how to wrap cards with the Tissue & Ribbon before she pops it in a Jiffy Bag for posting.  That way who ever is getting it receives it like a little gift.   If she was handing it over I would have made a box.

I have had this Die for a while, don`t use it a lot as it does not cut out the little bit between the "i" and the "r"in Birthday.  I think it should but it does not anyway it makes a very quick card.

Right that`s it from me for today
Thank you so much for calling by, I really appreciate that
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. A simple card that looks very elegant. I as going to ask how you would post it with the flower on it but kindly you treated us to the answer. Know just what you mean when you do nothing all day and it takes all day to do it. Or you can see nothing for all your hard work. Tempting to leave the housework so that you can have the satisfaction of seeing a nice clean room at the end of the day!!!!. Hope the weather is warming up for you it was 41 at Wimbledon yesterday so I heard on TV this morning.

  2. Such a beautiful card Patricia. The sentiment die is gorgeous, I love the pearls and stunning flower too.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Lovely card PAtricia, theis die is lovely, my friend has it and it's good for a quick card, xx

  4. Morning Patricia,
    Lovely card, very pretty.

  5. It's a lovely card, Patricia. I never noticed the uncut part until you mentioned it. The brain can fill in a lot of gaps, can't it.
    You produce great cards when in a hurry.
    I have hot sunshine, this morning, so hopefully, so have you.

  6. Brilliant card, didn't notice the bits until I read down. I think short notice cards are easier as you cant hang about thinking of a design.
    Good luck with the rest of your sort out. Hazel,xxx

  7. Your 'quick' card is super elegant...don't you just love the time you are given to make a card, but well done...and like you I just Have to have all my work out of the way before I can play...leaves a good feeling.xx{aNNie My Personal Blog}

  8. Hello Patricia,
    How kind of your old lady to give you over 2 hours to make her card. It takes me that long to decide on what I'm going to do and the colours of card!!! I bet she was delighted with it though as it's very pretty. That looks like a handy die to have for "quickies" that sneak up on us.
    Maureen xxx

  9. Pretty card and I a sure the postman loved it. The place you live sounds like a little piece of heaven and it's nice to know who your neighbours are. Enjoy the sunshine and Happy Birthday to Lawrence xx

  10. I don't do well with "quick" but you made a beauty! I love all the die cuts! Well done!

  11. sorry not been over for ages hun,miss blogging,but hopefully things,will get easier soon this is really beautiful hun gorgeous detail hugs Cherylxxxxx

  12. Beautiful Patricia, how you can make something so pretty in such a short time I do not know. Takes me hours just to decide on a colour scheme lol.
    Setting sail in a few mins, love and hugs Saba xxxx

  13. Afternoon Patricia, Your lady really gives you lots of time, doesn't she hahaha, thankfully she doesn't want a 'complicated' card. This is really lovely. I like the sound of the tissue and ribbon to go around the card before popping in the jiffy bag, and extra protection too, you are clever.
    I have been in the garden again today, things are growing like wildfire, I have been trying to 'lop' some of my adjacent neighbour's stray branches that are overhanging my fence, it's one of those grrrrrrrrrrrrr moments, he planted a 'bank' of them all across my back fence and we only get the sun in the morning and then we have to wait until it has taken all afternoon until evening time before we see it again, and don't even get me started on the leaves hahaha. It is so muggy today, very cloudy but very, very hot, I think we are definitely in line for a thunder storm, hopefully it will clear the air if we do get one.
    Take care.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi Patricia, I thought I was asked short notice sometimes but that is very short notice. Good job Postman Pat comes direct!
    A beautiful card, love your dies and of course a beautiful flower.
    Enjoy the sunshine, hugs Erika. x

  15. Hi Patricia, what a lovely lovely card, love your use of the dies, hugs Carole Z `x

  16. Hi Patricia.
    Ur card is pretty. I have one very similar to that one but its crafters companions diesire ones. Let me tell u it's shit for cutting. I'm glad I got it free as part of a mag subscription as I certainly wouldn't have paid the £22 for it.
    Unlike dies dies of course most of them cut like a dream. I told my hubby I'm not buying anyone else's dies except hers an of course spellbinders.
    They say if it's not cutting its probably the machine or the card. But I've used one of sues on the card with the calibur and then tried the diesire one on the same card CRAP it doesn't cut very well.
    Oh well rant over hee hee
    Jeez that wee lady certainly doesn't give u much time. The shortest notice I need is a day but I ask all my work colleagues to give me at least a week in case I need anything x

  17. What a lucky lady to have such an efficient cardmaker to hand!! I bet she was delighted with this one. I am a huge fan of Icon and get mostly all of my dies there, they are so reasonably priced too xx

  18. Gorgeous card-your cards are amazing especially given the short notice!


  19. Patricia your card is gorgeous, love the die great for a quick card.
    Take care, Jess x

  20. Lovely card Patricia. That die looks good for a quick die and the background paper looks nice.

  21. Well done Patricia! again, would`nt do for me that sort notice.
    Beautiful card, it is a pretty die, love the rose.
    Hugs Pam x

  22. You've made me smile! My OH does this sort of thing to me Tells me at about 10.30 pm that he needs a card for the morning! I don't card make at night because I prefer to do this in daylight hours
    Your card is a delight I coluldn't make anything that beautiful in such a small space of time
    Your story reminded me of my mum saying that her aunt used to post a letter in the morning asking her daughter what she'd like for dinner And get a response back in time to make it

  23. a gorgeous make Patricia - glad you got it done in time for postie! Hugs Rachel x

  24. Hi Patricia,
    you are good . shouldn't sound so surprised really as i know you are a very good crafter but the old dear didn't give you much time . I who were so happy finish one just over the week hihi. The die is perfect and if you hadn't said anything I don't think anyone have noticed not the cut bit. xxx

  25. Great card Patricia. There are lots of advantages to being very rural and tee postie is just one of them. Ours is just the same. Hope all is well with you. Hugs Christine xx

  26. Wow Patricia, this is just gorgeous! That die cut is so fancy and intricate, must have been a pain to poke out all those little bits! It was worth it! I love the background and your luscious flower! hugs :)

  27. Just beautiful Patricia, the die is fabulous, and of course another of your gorgeous blooms, hugs Kate x

  28. Hi Patricia
    Jeepers, like someone said, it would take me 2 hours to decide what to do hahaha! That's where something like this would be handy to just cut and stick.
    Love the background paper.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  29. It might not cut out between the 'i' and the 'r' but it still looks fab and great for quickies as you can testify xx not surprised she wanted one of your flowers!! xx GailT xx

  30. Really beautiful Patricia love the die & your gorgeous flowers.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  31. Pamela - Dragonfly11 August 2015 at 11:52

    Hi Pat - it's Pamela - I don't have your number as I would have phoned. Just wondering if you could give me a phone in regards to your appointment? The shop is closed today (Tuesday 11th August) but back to normal tomorrow (Wednesday 12th). Many thanks :) :)