Monday, 31 August 2015

"Flower Tutorial"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you all had a good weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.
Monday Morning again, its amazing how this year seems to be going so quickly.  Maybe it`s because we are all still waiting for "summer" to come.  
I am very lucky I have a week in the sun to look forward to.  Well I hope it will be sunny.  Hazel and I are off a week tomorrow for our annual week away together.  We go to Dalyan, Turkey where John and I lived during the summer months for 7 years,  We know so many people there and find so many things to do and places to go.
A few people have asked if I would do another Tutorial on my flowers.  I have done one before but here we go for another.  This is a different flower, does not use any tools other than the Machine you use to Die Cut and a pair of tweezers.  
This is very picture heavy, you might need a cuppa to keep you awake!!!

Die I used for these flowers:-

There are 3 Flowers Dies in the packet.  I cut 3 large, 3 medium and 1 small for each Flower
I spritzed them really well with warm water.   Squeezed them just using my fingers.  I try to get as many little folds in the petals as possible.  These I made using 240gsm card.  I have used 160gsm paper ...  never, ever use any less than that, it just tears when wet.
I leave them to dry overnight.  When they are dry they are actually quite hard.  tease them out, not too much you want some texture in each petal.
Now to start shaping.  With your tweezers (I use long nosed ones from Joanna Sheen) wtist each petal as tight as you feel you want them.  I try to leave what I will use as the base layer quite loose.  Then tighter as I go up the layers.
All shaped and ready to assemble one Flower, using the 3 largest Flower pieces first.  We are going to build this flower from the "bottom" up
Sorry, this is way out of focus, but you get the "drift"   Plenty of Glue on the "bottom layer"  remember we are building from the bottom up.  I only ever use "Cosmic Shimmer" glue.   I have tried others but it is the best for me.
Next layer still using the largest pieces
Keep going till your flowers gets to the size you feel is right for your project. On this flower I have used the 3 largest pieces and only 2 of the medium, I feel that`s enough for the project I have in mind.
I made another flower using the same amount of layers.  The bits left I made into a smaller flower.
I use a Kebab Stick to poke in the middle of each layer to get them to touch the glue. Once dry you can twist and shape the petals if you feel you have to.   When dry the flower is hard and will take a lot of playing around with.  
All you have to do now is to use it for your project.
Here is what I made my flowers for:-
Two 3" x 4" boxes I have filled with "sweet treats" for friends I am meeting up with today.
I have just noticed that there is a mark on the bottom of one one the boxes.  I just hope it is glue and not a crack.  I used card with a shine on it from Crafters Companion.  I like the designs but I certainly do not like the feel of the card.  Will not be buying that again.  Reminds of Hunkydory Card Stock  ... Adorable Scorable .... I find it cracks when you score it, you have to be very gentle.
I do hope you find the Tutorial useful and make some flowers.  I f you make some please let me know how it went.   By the way any flower Die will make you nice flowers just have a play .... its only card and paper.!!!

Right folks, I started doing this last night.  That`s it finished, I am going to have my shower, breakfast then off to meet Hazel in Perth.  We will then travel on in Hazel`s car to meet our friends.  Hazel does not do being a passenger!!!
Right better get a move on.
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. Good morning, another brilliant tutorial on your flower making, but I think I will just still leave doing them to you, you know me and glue I hate sticky fingers. Oh I can see lots of flowers being made. See you at the park and ride. Hazel xxx

  2. Hi Patricia
    Thanks so much for this tutorial, will definitely have a play with these, your lantern tutorial was fab, made a few.
    Enjoy your day, will wait to hear all about it. Enjoy your holiday with Hazel.


  3. Hi Patricia. Thank you for a great tutorial, very clear and easy to follow. Shame you can't give me some of your wonderful talent too as I know mine won't look anything as good as yours. Never mind, I will enjoy having a go. I agree with you, it is only paper/card a a bit of glue. It makes me sad when I hear that people are scared to have a go with craft items, just go for it as the worst that can happen is that it ends up in the bin and you will have learnt something for the next time!
    Have a wonderful day with Hazel and the other ladies. They will love your gorgeous boxes : ) Have a safe journey. Take care x

  4. Thank you for your tutorial Patricia very clear and easy to follow.
    Enjoy your day.Take care Jane B.

  5. Brilliant tutorial Patricia! The finished flowers look gorgeous. I must have a try at this when I get chance as they look better than shop bought flowers. Have a wonderful holiday with Hazel. I'm sure your friends will absolutely love their boxes. Debra x

  6. Great tutorial Patricia. Have a super day with Hazel and your other friends. What a lot of talking and laughing today!!! Hugs Christine xx

  7. Morning Patricia,
    Thanks for the great tutorial, love your little boxes. Hope tou have a great day.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial Patricia...I am still practicing!! Have a wonderful time girls!! xx

  9. A great tutorial Patricia, love all your flowers you are definitely the Queen of making them.
    Have a super day out with Hazel, bet you can't wait for your holiday too?

    Hugs Erika. x

  10. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! It's always nice to see how someone else makes their flowers. You have given me a couple of good pointers and I plan to use them when I make my flowers. Thanks again and your flowers are, as always, just gorgeous!

  11. Super tutorial for these lovely little flowers, thank you, hugs Kate x

  12. What a beautiful project and great tutorial! am so sorry that my comments have been 'missing' lately: I've decided to write a post today and then I am taking a month off from blogging as I seriously need to 'recharge' my batteries, so apologies in advance for sporadic visits over the next month, I will be back! Hugs Carole Z X

  13. Your flowers look fab Patricia. Have a great day and an even better holiday when you go. xxx

  14. Patricia!
    You have come up trumps once again! Another brilliant , easy to follow tutorial! Will put it on my Pinterest under your name! That way I have a permanent record, hopefully, and know where to find it!
    The flowers are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely day with the other " three Mary's" .
    Lots of love , Myra xxx

  15. Patricia thank you for the tutorial. I have tied to make some flowers thanks to you and some come out alright and others seeing the bin very quickly tihi. Oh they are so lovely and now I'm even more envy for the boxes you made for the girls you are seeing today. Hope you have a fab. time together! love and hugs Maria xxx

  16. Brilliant! Very easy to follow too Thank you Enjoy your day - not too much Baileys now! Seriously have a fabulous day

  17. Hi Patricia, Fabulous tutorial, I love the step by step details and your finished flowers are, as always, stunning !!
    I hope you all had a great day and catch up with your friends and Hazel.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Hello Patricia,
    You make it look so easy!!! Thanks for showing us again.
    I'll have to get some of those long nosed tweezers from Joanna Sheen. I'm away to look at the site now.
    I know you've had a lovely day, but I knew you would.
    Love Maureen. xxx

  19. A great tutorial Patricia...I came across some of your flowers recently which you sent in an angel envelope many moons ago! Hope you enjoyed your day out. Carol x

  20. Your tutorial is wonderful Patricia, so clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing. The flowers are truly stunning.
    hugs Sue xx

  21. Great flower tutorial Patricia, you make lovely flowers.
    Thank you for sharing..
    Hope you had a good day.
    Hugs Pam x

  22. Hi Patricia, I was a lucky one today and received one of the boxes you made, the flowers are beautiful and the goodies inside much appreciated, we had a lovely time, roll on next time, thank you xxx

  23. Hi Patricia
    Thank you for a brilliant tutorial, your flowers never cease to amaze me, they are always gorgeous.
    Loved the photos on Hazels blog showing your meet today with your blog friends. You all look wonderful.
    Hugs Saba xxx

  24. Hi Patricia,
    thank you so much for the tutorial.
    It all looks wonderful.
    I do mine differently to that.
    I wet my paper or card first, and then scrunch it up, and open it up and dry it with a heat gun.
    Wonderful boxes ,and beautiful flowers too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  25. Beautiful flowers! Great tutorial!! Hugs!

  26. Great tutorial! I love your flowers , I don't have this die but will see what I have, can't wait to give this a go , I see Myra said she was going to put it on her Pinterest , I must try that.
    Thank you so much for this xo