Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Is anybody there?????
I know, I know its been a while.  I have actually really missed Blogging and missed all my Blog Friends.  
Looking at my Blog "statistics" I know quite a few people clicked on to see why I had stopped Blogging.  I have also had so many wonderful e-mails offering support.  Thank you everyone who did that I really appreciated your concern.
Now to let you know the person who made me take a step back Did not Bully ME!!  She had been Bullying on the Blog of a dear and sweet follower of mine.  She used "words of wisdom" (well I thought they were anyway) I had posted.  She told my follower she should read and "follow" what I had written.  For some unknown reason she thought my follower was getting at her.  Ok! if that was the reason, there was no need to use the horrible and foul Language on the Blog and personal e-mails she sent.   As grown ups surely we can sort things out without Foul language!!!   I feel this person is on the prowl again.  Anyway NUFF!!!! said on that, the person must know who she is!!!!  
I just hope we can all live in peace and harmony and enjoy leaning from each others wonderful creations.  Life is far too short and very precious.  At my age I am on the downward side of the  "slide" rather than still climbing the stairs!!!!
 I have a quick card to share just to take the badness away!!!

A Thank You card for all the support you guys have given me.

Our Grandsons went back to school today after 71/2 weeks off.  We don`t Child-mind, they spent a fair bit time with us.  They just love the Playground as they call it, that we have here at our house.  A little river that runs along the side of the Garden, a gated drive where they can ride their bikes happily and safely.  Spending time away on bike rides with their Grandpa.  Granny does not do Bike Riding I would rather walk.
All things quite here today and of course it is "raining".  We had a wonderful hot, sunny day yesterday ... never ever have we had two days the same this summer.
Right must go I hear John rattling Pots and Pans, it must be Lunchtime.
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Nice to have you Patricia. back Super card. I hope your follower who was being bullied is okay. Take care Christine xx

  2. Lovely to see you posting Patricia and love your beautiful 'thank you' card......I think bull'ys should be exposed....whoever and where ever they are....


  3. Lovely to see you back Patricia.xx

  4. Hello Patricia and welcome back!! Well said too, our blogs are for fun and shouldn't be used for bullying or any sort of nastiness. I hope the culprit is well and truly ashamed of herself.
    Now your card is just so pretty, raining here now too and I've got a full whirliegig of washing out, take care, hugs Kate x

  5. I will never know why people have to be so rude to each other. If someone doesn't like what the other does then get off blog, page or whatever else it is they are on. There is no need to leave nasty comments as you pass by. And although they are strangers and you may never meet them it is still up setting to the person on the receiving end. I hope your friend is now over the bad period and is enjoying blogging again. Here's to all the wonderful people out there xx

  6. This card is gorgeous I have seen it in the flesh as one would say. The double cut thank you is lovely and one I will be doing in the future. Hazel xxx

  7. Hi Patricia. Loving your card. When Sandra gets back I'll be trying to make your lantern. Well said on the bullying front. Hopefully this person will take the hint and go away.

  8. Hi Patricia! lovely to see you back I'm just back myself after falling over the puppy LOL and well said I hate bullying of any kind! so sorry your friend had to go through that ..beautiful card you have made..take care huggles Sue xx

  9. Such a pretty card! Love the flower!

  10. Hello Patricia,
    I love this card and the 3D Thank You, it really is gorgeous, and of course your wonderful flower is just the right finishing touch. I'm glad you are "back".
    Maureen xxx

  11. Wonderful to have you back Patricia and I sincerely hope you and your blogging buddy are not troubled again. Such a great card to herald your return, the frame looks fabulous and, of course, the rose is amazing. Hope to see you soon xx

  12. Hurrah-your back!!! I've missed your blog posts, even though you comment in the Cafe. Love your card-must try doing multi layers of the word dies to add depth.


  13. I thought you were just busy. Like you had a lot of things on your plate. Sorry to hear all this what has been going on. Shame, shame. .

    Your work is beautiful whatever you display. Glad your back. And lets all pray for the Bullying to stop.

  14. Evening Patricia welcome back you have been missed and it's nice to see you are back.
    And this card is beautiful and i love the colours and your design are wonderful.
    Hugs Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  15. It's so lovely to see you back Patricia, I have missed you!
    Your card is stunning, I love the design and gorgeous colours.
    Take care, hugs, Sue xx

  16. lovely to see you Patricia and a beautiful card too - gorgeous and elegant! Hugs rachel x

  17. Lovely to see you back Patricia and with a beautiful card.
    Hope you and your blog buddy have no more trouble again..
    Hugs Pam x

  18. Patricia so glad you are back, your card is lovely. I know the bully knows who they are, it is better to just ignore them and not even acknowledge that they are there.
    Take care Jess xxx

  19. Morning Patricia, Like you, I have no idea why people have to be so nasty. I hope the person is very ashamed of herself.
    This is a gorgeous card, and I'm glad to see you on your Blog again.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  20. Hi Patricia, so glad to see you back, your card is beautiful, and thank you for the lantern instructions. I hope that the person that was nasty has learnt a lesson. Take care. Bx

  21. Hi Patricia, got a lovely surprise when I popped in here, lovely to see you back posting and I just love this card - it's gorgeous, best to rise above the nastiness - don't know what went on - too many people enjoy your blog.
    Hugs Jean xx

  22. Morning Patricia,
    Great to see you back, love your card. Glad you are able to put this horrid incident behind you. I hate bullies, hope they get their just reward one day.

  23. Hi Patricia. It's good to see you back and with such a beautiful card : )
    It is so sad that one nasty person causes so much hurt. She is obviously a very sad person but we won't let her win.
    Thank you for sharing the lovely card. Take care x

  24. Hi Patricia,
    wonderful to see you back blogging.
    Love your super card, and of course it has one of your superb roses on it.
    I looked after my grandchildren on Monday, and we did the baking again.
    Will have them again next Monday as here in the South they broke up from school later than up in Scotland, and they don't go back till early in September when my Dylan goes to the comprehensive school for the first time.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  25. Helllooooo Patrica, good to have you back my friend and with such a wonderful creation, how beautiful is this. I find it best to ignore people like that person, they are certainly not worth bothering with, life is too short.
    You have a long summer break up there, wish ours was that long lol! we have 5 1/2 weeks this year, going back in two weeks sadly.
    Have a happy crafting day

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  26. Wonderful to have you back Patricia, you really have been missed and wow what a wonderful card to come back with and one of your fabulous roses too.
    Why people have to be so hurtful is quite beyond me, there is more than enough hurt and upset in the world without anyone making more, they should be ashamed of themselves, do stay strong and we are all here to give you positive support both here and at the café.
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  27. Lovely to see you posting again Patricia and your thank you card is beautiful.love the rose.
    Yes there are people out there who can be very hurtful yet I don't know why we humans have to do this !? Beyond me. A big hug for you and your friend. Take care Jane B.

  28. Fabulous Patricia... Love it...
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  29. yippe yi ya, you're back with a beautiful card....thanks for always commenting Patricia....xx

  30. Hi Patricia, good to have you back.
    I always think folk that are out to cause trouble have too much time on their hands.....they need to get a hobby!
    I have experienced this too from another site which encourages chatting about crafting. It amazes me how vicious some folk can get and saddens me too. I also see it at work sometimes. As you say life is short and there is no need.

    Back to crafting, I love your card, the flower as always is stunning and perfect sentiment too.

    As the phrase goes "Keep calm and carry on crafting!"
    We miss you.
    Hugs Erika. x

  31. Hello Patricia It is good to see you back Nuff said! I am one of those that have been popping back most days just to check in case I've missed a post - nearly missed this if I hadn't have visited a certain cafe
    I think Christine G sums it up perfectly

  32. Oops Patricia,
    I nearly missed you and I too have been checking! You have been missed. This is a lovely blog with lovely people - well except one! However it is in that person's power to change! It would be worth a try!
    Today's card is beautiful - love the double sentiment and of course the flower,
    Thanks Patricia,
    Love Myra xxx

  33. Beautiful card Patricia :-) It's so lovely to see you back :-) I'm completely taken aback by your reasons for taking a step back from your blog and am very sorry that you have been subjected to any unpleasantness. I love to read your stories and see your cards and am glad you are back. I really hope that all is well from now on. Sending hugs, Jayne xx

  34. Beautiful card Patricia :-) It's so lovely to see you back :-) I'm completely taken aback by your reasons for taking a step back from your blog and am very sorry that you have been subjected to any unpleasantness. I love to read your stories and see your cards and am glad you are back. I really hope that all is well from now on. Sending hugs, Jayne xx

  35. Beautiful card Patricia. I love the paper and the flower. Very pretty. I don't understand why anyone would come on to a blog to be nasty - that must have been very upsetting. I have always found bloggers to be lovely people and very friendly not to mention supportive . Hope this is all behind you now.

  36. Hi Patricia.
    Nice to see u bAck again.
    Card looks fab!!!! I really love how your flower looks mine look nothing like it lol

  37. Lovely card Patricia, glad you feel you can continue, crafting is supposed to be relaxing and fun, not causing people distress and upset.. x

  38. Lovely card, and so nice to see your blog again. Take care, Linda.

  39. Wow PATRICIA so sorry I seem to have mised some of your beautiful cards & this one is no exception it's stunning. So pleased your BACK
    Hug's Lynda xx

  40. Hello Patricia, fabulous to have you back and with such a beautiful creation.
    This nasty bully was extremely lucky that they were not publicly named and shamed last time but if they are on the prowl again they might not get away with it a second time.
    Well done for rising above it all and coming back to us.
    Love and more
    Saba xxx

  41. Hi Patricia
    Sorry I've missed this post.
    Lovely floral creation and sentiment.
    I think said person may have been taking the mickey at one of your comments on another blog recently. . . . . . . . but.what goes around comes around chuck.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x