Monday, 7 September 2015

Off on our "Sisters" Holiday

Hello Blog friends, I am rather excited today.  Hazel and I leave this evening for an overnight stay in Glasgow before we fly out for our annual week together.  We have decided we are getting too old to be up and on the road at 4am for early check in times at airports.  We save all year for our trips, the  bit extra cost to stay over is well covered. 
Case almost packed, passport and spending money in the carry-on bag. Clothes hanging ready to step into when needed.  
I made a start on some Christmas cards the other day.
I have really cut back on lots this year.   We seem to send cards to people we never see from one year to the next.  I am quite sure they will never miss our card.  I have told this story before.  We met a couple just after the New Year a few years ago now.  We don`t see them during the year but always sent a card.  As they were leaving the lady said Oh! Thank You for your beautiful Hand Made Card, love getting it every year.    Just thought, that`s funny I did not send them one.  Proves my point ... some people will never miss that card you decide not to send.

White Base card
Black card embossed using a Leather Look folder
Ribbon from my Stash
SW Merry Christmas Die 
Simple or what???

Will have my iPad with me. I am hoping Hazel who does all her Blogging from the iPad will show me what to do.  I have always used the PC to do my Blog Posts.  ...  Watch this space!!!! 

That`s it till I reach sunnier climes.
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when ever that might be .... !!!
Patricia xxx


  1. Oh yes looking forward to our week away. Your card is beauitful CAS one, it's perfect. See you later. Xxx

  2. You lucky pair! I hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday. This Christmas Box card looks very stylish Patricia, ideal for males. Hugs Christine xx

  3. Morning Patricia,
    A lovely CAS card, perfect for a man. Have a wonderful holiday..

  4. What a fabulous card Patricia, I have a couple more craft fairs soon and this design would be perfect for boxed sets...thank you for the idea!! Wishing you a safe journey and a fabulous holiday xx

  5. Good Morning Patricia. So glad you can enjoy each other's company for a whole week. I know you will both have a super time. Fabulous card, I may even use your idea myself. Hopefully this week sees a new time in our lives too. Speak Soon my friend. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Such a gorgeous card Patricia, I love the embossed background and beautiful ribbon.
    I hope you and Hazel have a wonderful time away.
    Sending you hugs, Sue xx

  7. Hope u enjoy your holiday lovely card

  8. Your holiday with your sister sounds wonderful! Love your Christmas card. My family is getting smaller and smaller and it seems the one's I send my cards to really love them. I cut back a few years ago to only family that I don't see often.

  9. A gorgeous card Patricia, love the embossing and colours.
    Hope you have a lovely holiday
    Lorraine x

  10. LOVE what you have chosen to put together here, the colours and whole design is stunning. and have a fab time away. ♥ {The Journey Is The Start aNNie my personal blog}

  11. Good morning Patricia another gorgeous card gorgeous card and your design is wonderful.
    Hope you and Hazel have a lovely trip.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  12. Hello Patricia, your card is just lovely, especially your use of the ribbon.
    Have a wonderful week away with Hazel, Kate x

  13. Fabulous......I love the black leather look card. Have a wonderful holiday!
    hugs Jo x

  14. Hi Patricia,
    A lovely card , easy to make and easy to post too. Very stylish too.
    Have a lovely holiday. Safe travel!
    Love Myra xxx

  15. Hi Patricia, I look forwards to your lovely holiday snaps then, will you find any yummy crafting supplies like you did last year?
    I love your Christmas card, I nearly decided to start mine this weekend, but that would be far too organised!
    Great idea to wrap the card like a present and your die cut sentiment is lovely too.

    Enjoy your break with Hazel, hugs Erika. x

  16. Gorgeous card Patricia...and I agree with you about sending Christmas cards to people you never see....would rather give the postage to charity....Enjoy your trip


  17. Very stylish card I don't send a lot of cards at Christmas but I do make them and send a donation to my favourite charities I hope they remember what I've sent them! But I will bear in mind what you said
    Enjoy your holiday
    And a huge thank you for your hug in an envelope I appreciated it very much xx

  18. Hi Patricia, Enjoy your trip to Turkey with Hazel.
    A great Christmas card, and I had to chuckle at your write-up about stopping sending some cards hahaha, but I think you are right.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Brilliant card, perfect for posting. Hope you + Hazel have a wonderful week away.


  20. Hello Patricia,
    Lovely card, perfect for batch making and posting. One to keep up my sleeve - thanks.
    Have a wonderful holiday with Hazel, and safe journeys there and back. Maureen xxxx

  21. Fabulous Christmas card Patricia.
    Hope you have a wonderful both of you..
    Hugs Pam x

  22. Hi Patricia, Love this card. It's great in so many ways
    Looks great,
    Delivers the message,
    Good for posting ...... What more would we want,
    Love it!
    As I type this you should be in flight. Have a great time,
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  23. Lovely card!! Have a wonderful time! Hugs!

  24. Hi Patricia,
    Fantastic card, love how versatile it is, can be given to either men or women too, also a great card to get the kids to help you make.
    I am so thrilled that you have started blogging again, you were very much missed.
    I was so sad to read that both you and Hazel felt the need to close your blog and I just want to let all of you followers know that it was me that you were supporting, you saw for yourselves the level of hatred and foul language that I had to endure over what now has been months, I think everyone would be shocked and disgusted to discover that this person is still blogging daily on blogs that we all follow.
    I have just been catching up with all the blogs I visit regularly and I am both shocked and surprised to discover that her comments regarding bullying etc are still being made.
    I suffer terribly as you know with lack of confidence and at the time found the attack devastating, I am delighted to let you all know however, that the amount of love and support I received from all of my lovely blog friends made me realise how much love and support I had, so in some respects it did me a huge favour (although I wouldn't recommend it to anyone)! I would like to also point out that the whole incident started over foundation card!
    I have really enjoyed reading all the supportive comments on your blog too.
    Thank you once again Patricia for you wonderful support!
    Love and hugs

  25. Fabulous card Patricia, love the design. Hope you're enjoying your week away and the weather is good for you. Carol x

  26. Hi Patricia.
    Love ur card I might have to pinch that idea if if to do loads lol
    Enjoy your trip!! Be safe and well xx

  27. Love the card Patricia !
    Hope you survived going to the market in the heat,
    enjoy the rest of your holiday,
    hugs to you both Maria xx

  28. You & Hazel just have a grand (and safe) time, enjoying your time spent together, and hopefully some lovely weather. Love the dramatic colors of this pretty card. So pretty with the bright of the turquoise ribbon against that dark embossing, and the sparkle white of the die sentiment. And I enjoyed your little story. Too true, I think! TFS & Hugs. See ya when ya'll get home again.

  29. Hi Patricia
    Your post, along with several others, has now appeared on my reading list. Looks like a lovely pressie all beautifully wrapped and waiting to be opened.
    Hope you had a super holiday.
    Ang x

  30. What a lovely card Patricia, so simple but looks expensive, hope you enjoyed your holiday. BTW: I totally agree with you about Christmas cards !!

  31. WOW so simple and supremely effortlessly you have pulled off a gorgeous card!!
    Dr Sonia

  32. Patricia, thanks for popping by. I hope you will soon feel like blogging once again - cause I miss seeing all the lovelies that you share. However, I do understand & sometimes other things just have to take priority. Or you develop other interests as well. It's always lovely to have a chat with you, but just come when you can. In the meantime, enjoy your family and whatever else you may be doing. I know you & your Sis had a grand time. Have a great Sunday. Hugs

  33. Fantastic card Patricia, love the embossing, colors and lovely ribbon.

    Hugs Diane