Thursday, 12 November 2015

"How Too"

Hello Blog friends and followers, hope you are all well.  If you are ill or a bit down here are a few (((((hugs))))) to help.
Still keeping busy with makes tor the Fundraiser Table on Sunday. 
When Hazel and I did Craft Fairs we always had "Stock" just in case ...!!!  However when we decided to stop we "sold, gifted, gave away or just used ourselves" any stock we had.  This has meant "everything" and I do mean "everything" on my table will be Hand Made.  
As long as the school make money I will be Happy.  
Some of the children are going Skiing early next year.  This is to help raise money to pay for the bus.  I just hope the company they hire from this year takes into account that when hiring a bus to go "skiing" they might just happen to encounter "SNOW"  Last year the Bus Company cancelled the bus one day.  There had been heavy snow overnight, the roads were open.  Police & AA Reports were good but the Bus Company did not do SNOW!!!  The Head Teacher hired a Mini Bus and drove the children herself.   They had lost a couple of days but did get them back the next week.
Thomas is going, he loves Skiing.  Robert he`s the Footballer has decide he would rather have new Football Boots...each to their own.
Here is a quick Tutorial on how I make the T-Light Holders.
Remember these are for Battery Operated T-Lights only.

Heartfelt Creations Lace Border Die.  I do not have the packet, it`s a very old Die I have had for years.  I do know Iconuk.Co.Uk have it, a friend of mine ordered it on Monday
Circles are each a set of Dies ...  again old Dies.  You have to judge which to use for what size you make your Holders.
One Die Cut joined as close to the edges as possible makes the smallest Holder.  Cosmic Shimmer Glue is definitely the BEST for this ... how do I know!!!  One of the small Battery T-Lights fits in there beautifully.
Two Die Cuts with this piece removed from each, then overlapped on each "window" panel makes the "Medium" size.
Two cut, and overlapped on the "Window " panel makes the Large size.  I made different sizes just to give variations on the Table.  Some people have less room than others as well.
Hope you understand what I did.  It is easy doing it yourself and "showing" others but doing this is a bit more tricky.

Right best get going, more things to make and others to finish off.

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you taking the time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. This is good Patricia, I have just looked at posts below, how did I miss those, they are stunning. xxxx

  2. A super tutorial Patricia and the lattice die is beautiful, just perfect for the job.
    My two are like that with school trips, would rather have boots or something for home rather than go away. Maybe they've just got it too good at home? Oh my, they might never leave then!!

    Thanks for the instructions, I'll have to look through my dies and see if I have anything appropriate.

    Have a good Thursday, hugs Erika. x

  3. Great tutorial big sis, Your tee light holders are just brilliant, I know you will sell loads. Yes our Calum doesn't want to go on the few day adventure training thing. Each to there own. xxx

  4. Morning Patricia,
    A great tutorial foe the lovely t light holders. Hope you make lots of money.

  5. Absolutely love these! But I don't have any heartfelt dies , so I'll need to have a look and see if I have anything that might do, as you know I love your flowers and just noticed the weight of paper you use , I imagine that would make them easier to shape and be more lifelike.xoxo

  6. Thanks Patricia. Made my first one last night and am very pleased with it. Icon are always very quick sending their dies. Hope you make a lot of money on Sunday. You have worked very hard.

  7. Great tutorial Patricia. These are stunning. Hugs Rita. Xxx

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    1. Sorry that should be, your sale table BEFORE your big sell out!

  9. OhhhI love these thanks for sharing xx Jan

  10. Hi Patricia, great to have you back, I keep being absent with so much to do outside the blog but my faithful friends keep coming back. Stunning creations you have made, I have these dies so may make a few myself when I have the time as they are adorable.

    I hope you and hazel are both well, please forgive my absence too as i know there will be more lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. A wonderful tutorial Patricia...thank you!! xx

  12. I can comment on my Nook, just found this out! This is gorgeous!

  13. Excellent tutorial Patricia, thank You, Kate x

  14. Hi Patricia, A fabulous 'How to' tutorial, I have this HC die so will be giving it a try, your instructions as always, are fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hello Patricia,
    Oh I am so pleased that you've done this tutorial. I haven't got time to stop, am away to see what I have that I can adapt, otherwise it'll be Icon for me!!! I hope you make lots of money to raise the funds.
    Maureen xxx

  16. Thank you for your tutorial Patricia, will pop back tomz! in a rush tonight,
    Pam x

  17. beautiful Patricia and thanks for the how to. Can't believe a bus for a ski trip doesn't do snow! What's that all about? Hugs rachel x

  18. Thanks Patricia, the tutorial is brilliant as usual, need to get this die.

  19. Missed yesterday's post Busy with my daughter Yay! She's home safe and sound Tge ones with the roses are beautiful I love the colours and thank you for the tutorial What a brilliant way of explaining Lots of luck with the sale
    Your Robert reminded me of my son When little (about 10 daughter about 6) we gave them a daily allowance on a holiday which they could spend how they chose Daughter would spend it in about 10 minutes Son would save it all even down to turning down an ice cream that I was buying! He'd got his eye on a biggish toy that he'd worked out he could afford towards the end of our stay changed completely when he was a teenager Don't you just love 'em

  20. Thanks Patricia for the detailed tutorial, love the lanterns.

    Hugs Diane

  21. Thanks Patricia for the detailed tutorial, love the lanterns.

    Hugs Diane

  22. Beautiful crafty make, they look lovely. I'm sure they will be very popular on your table.


  23. Lovely Patricia ,thank you for sharing . Will have a play later but still so many to make. Promise, no real candles :-)
    hugs Maria xx

  24. Lovely tutorial Patricia, these should sell well. Carol x

  25. Hi Patricia.
    I don't think u will have much bother selling them. They are georgeous xx