Monday, 30 November 2015

"Robert`s Makes"

Hello Blog friends, followers and folk who felt the bump when they pressed the wrong button and landed here!!!  How are you all?? well I hope, if not here are a few (((hugs)))) to help.
Thank You for all your visits and lovely comments, that`s what makes Blogging all worth while, that and being able to click on an Active Blog to see what they have to show. 
As a lot of you know our Grandson Robert is a very keen Crafter.  He loves nothing more than a pad of paper, pens, pencils and a pair of scissors.  I remember when he was about 2 years old, Hazel came to visit .... he was using a pair of scissors.  They were metal but had very rounded ends to the blades.   Hazel just about had a "heart attack"  Being a Professional Nanny she would "never" have given a 2 year old child  scissors, she did the cutting out for them.  All I ever did say to the boys when they had scissors was "mind your fingers" ....  never had a cut finger yet.  Every time I see Robert wielding scissors I think of that day.  
Anyway here are Roberts makes from his last visit.  By the way when it is just him and I it goes non stop.  You hardly get time to draw breath.  When you do there are "goodies" to enjoy.

Penguin Cards, Robert cut out the Ovals & large heart using his scissors.  Used a MB Die and CuttleBug for the orange hearts.  He took one home for his mum, I have the other.
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Shortbread Biscuits 
What was left of the cake after our "Taste Test" and 1/2 the Shortbread went home with him.
 Audrey is on a Diet and was not too pleased, she HAD to try them!!!
That`s it for today folks
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time 
Patricia xxx


  1. Good morning, I love Roberts makes when you sent me the photo,he is so good at doing things. The cake and biscuits look great and I know they won't have lasted long.
    Well done Robert, love your penguins. They are so cute.
    Auntie Hazel xxx

  2. Looks like Robert was very busy Patricia cards are brilliant and the baking looks yummy. Enjoy your meet up today.
    Jean xxx

  3. Morning Patricia, Wow !! Robert's 'makes' are fabulous, the cards are 'brilliant' and the baking looks 'yummy'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. I would love to come and craft at your Patricia if you make shortbread.
    Roberts cards are fab.
    I let Hollie craft with me when she was here and she was using scissors too, xxx

  5. Roberts cards look brilliant & the cake/biscuits look delicious.


  6. Morning Patricia,
    Robert is a very clever lad, love his cards and the cake and shortbread look delicious.

  7. Patricia my two boys could use a pair of scissors from around two perfectly well. I can remember the school staff being horrified that I let them used my good craft scissors. They were taught how to use them properly and never had an issue. When teaching in school I've seen much older children struggle 'cause they're not allowed the chance to try.
    I love Roberts penguin cards, brilliant black and white combo and the baking looks lush too.

    He obviously takes after you!

    Hugs Erika. x

  8. wow patricia....roberts makes are all amazing ... those biscuits look delicious!!!! hugs rachel x

  9. Hello Patricia,
    Any time Robert fancies a holiday in Newcastle he can come here!!! Whoever can make cakes, biscuits and cards like that is welcome.
    Maureen xxx

  10. Great cards from Robert. Love those penguins. (I'm not mentioning the goodies because I'm watching what I eat - oops! I just did!!) Hugs Christine xx

  11. What lovely penguins, so inventive!! The baked goodies look yummy too ....clever chap xx

  12. Lovely Penguins Patricia. I showed them to Scarlett when you showed me and she is going to have a go.

  13. Gorgeous cards Robert, those penguins look fab.
    Lorraine x

  14. Fantastic penguin cards Robert has made Patricia, and yummy baking too, making my mouth water!.
    Pam x

  15. Hi Patricia
    What fabulous penguins and delicious looking treats.
    I'm lethal with scissors and I'm in my 40s lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  16. Love his little penguins Patricia, they're so cute.....the baking looks delicious too. Well done Robert! Carol x

  17. Well done Robert fantastic penguins. No wonder he likes visiting you if you make such yummy things to take home.
    Margaret M

  18. What wonderful cards Robert has made! I love his cute penguins, he's definitely inherited your talent. Gorgeous looking cake and biscuits, I can almost smell them..mmmm... It looks like you both have great fun together. Debra x

  19. Sorry to be so late to visit. Yesterday was a very busy one and I barely cruised by my computer! Love the sweet cards and your goodies look wonderful! It's pouring rain here for two days now and again tomorrow. At least it isn't snow!

  20. Robert's little makes are fabulous, he certainly takes after his Gran, good looking cakes and biscuits too, Kate x

  21. Wow Patricia you have one clever Grandson they are all very good the cake & biscuits look yummy.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  22. Your grandson's cards are great!! He takes after his grandmother. Hugs!

  23. Oops! Sorry Robert, very nearly missed seeing all the lovely things you have made with Granny . I love your penguins. They are a great idea and I have two grandsons who might like to have a go at these! Your cakes look so yummy!
    Thanks,Patricia for sharing these lovely things. Love Myra xxx

  24. Oh wow Robert I love your penguins and the cakes don't look bad either, well done xx