Monday, 16 November 2015

"Successful Day"

Hello Blog friends, followers plus anyone who pressed the wrong button and just happen to land here.  You are all most welcome.  I do hope you can stop a while to see what I get up to.

Yesterday I spent most of the day along at the Village where our Grandsons live and go to School.   The school were holding a Soup & Sandwich Fundraiser in the Village Hall.
There are only 14 pupils in the school, they need to hire a Bus for their Skiing Trip in the New Year. 
Audrey decided they had to do something to raise the money.  She came up with Soup & Sandwich idea and just got on with organising it.   It was all hands on deck from the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and whoever!!!  Saturday she was panicking that no one would come because of the shocking weather.  Weather was still shocking yesterday, believe it or not they had to put out extra tables & chairs....!!!
Hall all set out beautifully (all the pictures I took were way out of focus) there were 8 Sales Tables round the room.  We all seemed to do OK, I did fine and sold lots.  I sold most of the T-Light Holders I had made, took orders for some made with Sue Wilson`s Three Wise Men Striplet Die like these:-

I had made some all white or all black, they sold really well.  The best sellers were the ones that I cut out the "Three Wise Men" in opposite colours and attached.  See the one on the "left" above.

I sold most of the T-Light Holders I showed in my Posts last week.

 Also sold a few of these:-
And these:-

The money Hazel and I raise from the sale of the Pendants goes to the Chemo Unit where she had her Treatments.
 That`s it for today.
Once the house jobs are done I will tidy away some of yesterdays things, then start on the orders. 
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take time to comment
Till next time
Patricia  xxx


  1. Wow, love the three wise men T-light holders, don't know how you find time to make all those wonderful things x

  2. The lanterns look amazing Patricia, glad you did so well, I have a fair next week, not holding out much hope though, xx

  3. Good Morning Patricia. Glad the fayre did well, especially in this awful weather. I absolutely love those beautiful tea light holders, and of course the gorgeous jewellery that you and Hazel create. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxxx

  4. I'm so glad the event went well. I love it when a plan comes together! Well done!

  5. Morning Patricia,
    Pleased to hear you had a good day. Not surprised tou sold lots of you goodies.

  6. You did have a good sale, but please after your orders are made sit down. House work can wait . xxx

    1. Hazel you are asking the impossible Patricia leave housework? Well we can but hope! xxx

  7. Delighted the sale went well and the weather did not put people off coming. You really did have a good day but really that was to be expected as everything was beautiful and the fact that you have orders too just proves it, well done.
    Margaret xxx

  8. Pleased the sale went well. Hope you get your orders finished soon and can take a break.

  9. Pleased it all went well Patricia...though didn't doubt your goodies would sell well. Gorgeous day here, hope it is with you too. Carol x

  10. Hi Patricia what beautiful gifts you have been making they are all so wonderful I dont think you will have any trouble selling them.
    It's nice to see you back blogging.

    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  11. Pleased your stall did so well, but no wonder with all those gorgeous makes, love the tea light holders, Kate x

  12. Delighted to hear it went well yesterday, there was no doubt in my mind seeing what you had prepared!! I am busy crocheting wreaths and knitting Christmas puddings for a Craft Fayre at the end of the month. I am excited and scared in equal measure. Stay safe in the gales xx

  13. so glad you had a good day at the sale patricia. sounds like you sold loads. well done you. hugs rachel xx

  14. Well done Patricia you had a really good day, your pendants are lovely. Love the tea lights with the wise men!
    Jess xxx

  15. Hi Patricia. Lovely to see you 'blogging' again! So happy to hear the fundraiser was a big success, so all of you can feel really proud of your efforts. Sounds like it was a good day to have some nice hot soup as well! Love your Wisemen Tea lights. I have this die (NBUS so far!) and would never have thought to do something so useful and so elegant with it. It's really such a lovely table ornament...very cozy on a nasty day, too, I should imagine. Have a great week. TFS & Hugs

  16. Great to hear the fair was a success, all your creations look fabulous.


  17. So glad your stall went well, hope you raised lots for the chemo unit.
    Lorraine x

  18. Hi Patricia, not surprised you did well, with these fabulous makes, love the three wise men T- light holders & your beautiful pendants.
    Pam x

  19. Beautiful tealight holders. Well done on a successful afternoon.

  20. Patricia I can see why your tea holders are selling so fast they are just gorgeous.

    Hugs diane

  21. Morning Patricia, I'm really glad that the fundraiser went well, when everyone has spent their time and money providing the event, it is a joy to the heart that it is appreciated by all who attend, and having to put out extra tables, what a joy !! No wonder you sold lots, all your creations are stunning, and I'm loving the three wise men t-light holders, your piccies are fabulous,they look so 'atmospheric' - well done to all concerned, who made that day fantastic !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Good morning Patricia, first of all Congratulations on your wonderful fundraising! I have said all this on Sandra's blog as I forwarded your blog onto my screen saver ( can't remember proper word? ) that was on Thursday , and when I go on it to go into your blog it's still on Thutsday and I thought you are so busy you hadn't blogged since then, which I began to wonder about, so today on Sue's blog I pressed your name and you have been on ,so that image I have on my home screen doesn't work , any ideas what I need to do to come straight on to your blog? Hope you can unravel such a garbled message lol!
    Back to your projects above which I absolutely Love, I can see why the 3 wise men tea lights were winners ( they are stunning ! ) I do like the contrast they are really eye catching , but I would never have thought of that. I think it's lovely when something that truly represents Christmas is so popular.
    The school and Audrey are so lucky to have your help, but it sounds like you get a lot of satisfaction doing it, think I should take a leaf out of your book and do more for charity ( I do a little but not that much) .
    I am still trying to catch up on C cards, but it's dry this morning so I will go and try to play 9 hoes of golf in the wind!
    Enjoy your day xoxo

  23. Hi Patricia,

    Lovely to see you posting again. So pleased the fayre went well and for such a good cause. The tea lights are beautiful, I especially like the 3 wise men holders might have to treat myself to that die.

    Enjoy the week.
    Hazel c uk

  24. Hi Patricia so glad your fundraising went well, no wonder with all the beautiful tea lights and jewellery. Well done Jean xx

  25. Hi Patricia.

    Glad it went well for u. I love the wise men t lights they look great no wonder they went down a storm lol.
    Ur pendants look pretty too. Xx

  26. Your t-light holders are absolutely stunning and I am so pleased they sold well. Tracy x

  27. Oh wow Patricia your T lights are gorgeous & love your box with all the pointsettia on so pleased the sale went well oh your pendents are very pretty too. Well done.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  28. Hi Patricia,
    those tea lights are superb, and the gorgeous butterfly box is also superb and gorgeous too.
    Wonderful and beautiful colour pendants too.
    So glad all went so well with the sale, and I am not surprised as your items people must have been eager to buy one.
    We are having bad weather at the mo too, but missed the weekend one luckily.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  29. Wow, wonder these sold well. They are stunning. Everything looks so precise.
    Playing catch-up with some blogs tonight, so happy to see you back blogging.

  30. Hello Patricia,
    You know I love your pendants, and the candle light holders are so stunning. You should be very proud of your hard work.
    Maureen xxx

  31. Patricia, wow what a great display, I'm sure you did do well. The tea lights are fabulous and very festive and I have always loved your necklaces, for such a great cause too.
    Hugs Erika. x

  32. Hello Patricia,
    Cows tail again, that's me!
    Your lanterns are gorgeous - the Wise Men Striplet looks as if it had been made for that lantern!
    Love your pendants and love wearing mine!
    Love Myra xxx

  33. Hi Patricia
    What a lovely selection of goodies. I bet your table was the most visited.
    I'm sure that the unit really appreciate yours and Hazel's fundraising.
    Ang x

  34. What a wonderful stall yours must have looked with all those fantastic T-light holders and the jewellery! You've been so busy making all your gorgeous things. I'm so glad everyone did well for such a worthy cause and despite the weather. Debra x

  35. You are a energy bunny Patricia. How you make the lanterns light up is amazing. You so artistic and it show you love to do all this.