Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Thank you so much for taking time to call by to see what I have on offer.  An extra BIG thank you to those of you who do not have an "active" Blog so I can return the favour of a comment.  I really love that you still leave me comments which I do appreciate.
WELL!!! what about this horrible weather???  This is the time of year I go into "hibernation" I do not go out unless it is absolutely necessary.  The one good thing about it is I find more time to "play".  Once all the House Duties are done it is all Me Time!!!
Boys here after school yesterday, snacks their first thought when they come through the door.. Thomas has school dinners and although Mirriam the Dinner Lady always gives him the first offer of seconds Thomas is always hungry.  Anyway after the usual round of snacks and slice of cake Robert spotted a tub of Pringles which was almost finished  ... it was finished by the time they went home.  John spotted the tub and said "now there`s a thing I am sure you could do something with".  "Actually one of those Candle Bundles you sell would fit in there nicely and make pretty gift".  
You know me always up for a challenge so here is the result:-

Sorry about the picture it is so dark here today.
For a Sales Table Hazel and I bundle 3 candles, tie with nice ribbon, they sell very well.   
I think I would do 4 if I was popping them in the Tub.

Pringles Tub
Pretty Paper
Lace, Ribbon and some Bling on a String.
Off to see if there are any more tubs of Pringles in the cupboard.
Thank you for your visit, I really do appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xxx


  1. I love this! Always so much fun to re-do something and make a pretty item for decoration. These are also nice to give Christmas Cookies in.

  2. Brilliant idea, also a good way to up cycle those tubs. xxx

  3. Afternoon Patricia what a terrible day it is. You are one talented lady You can make something beautiful out of nothing Welldone I love it.

    Debs xxx

  4. Great idea Patricia, something else to think about.
    Jess x

  5. Fab idea to put candles in, glad your stuff sells well Patricia, xx

  6. Great idea The number of times I look at a Pringles tub and think that I should be able to do something with that but can't and then they end up in the bin I loved your tea light yesterday No wonder you took orders for The Three Wise Men ones They're stunning and such an apt design for Christmas Hope you got my email re Internet access over next couple of weeks

  7. What a super idea to recycle your pringle tins, I love it. The lace is very yummy too. We've used them as castle turrets in this house when the boys had to make a project at school. Who knew pringles tins could be so useful?
    You've done a cracking job again, hugs Erika. x

  8. Hello Patricia,
    I've been saving those tubs! I've saved some of the smaller size too. I thought they could be pencil holders or desk tidies! Great idea and this looks lovely! Candles inside are a super idea!
    Horrid days make good ideas!
    Love Myra xx

  9. Great idea! They look very pretty and would make a great little thank you gift .
    Anne xo

  10. Great up cycling Patricia and so pretty


  11. Great crafty project. There's lots more ideas on Pinterest.


  12. Great Idea Patricia, it looks so pretty, you've made a super job of it, Kate x

  13. I love this, I have altered a few always fun!

  14. Hello Patricia,
    This is a brilliant idea for the candles (no pun intended). Guess who's going to buy some Pringles? loll
    Maureen xxx

  15. Great idea and a lovely gift. You always use pretty papers.

  16. a really lovely idea and result Patricia - fabulous work! Hugs rachel x

  17. Hi Patricia, you have made a gorgeous gift set from your pringle tub, love papers with pretty lace..

  18. Hi Patricia
    Great idea but I like the smelly flavours lol! but maybe they can be washed?
    Super decoration and paper.
    Ang x

  19. Very pretty upcycling Patricia. I'm like you and hibernate though I've treated myself to one of those alarm lights which comes on to wake me in the morning and it is definitely helping. Looking forward to a dose of summer in New Zealand in the new year though. Carol x

  20. Patricia you never fail to amaze these are wonderful and such a great idea and I'm going shopping this morning so the list has just got bigger! Thank you for the inspiration. xxx

  21. Morning Patricia,
    A great idea, a very pretty result.

  22. Wonderful idea Patricia. You are so clever. Was John impressed?

  23. Hi Patricia,
    what a brilliant idea, and such a very beautiful result too.
    Love that super paper used, and the wonderful lace.
    We never have Pringles in our house other wise I would be having a go at this.
    Perhaps I should get some just to use the tube.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  24. Hi Patricia, John has started something now !!! What a fabulous idea, and your upcycling looks fantastic.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  25. Hi Patricia.
    How cool. Would never have thought to use a tub that way. Great use of up cycling love it!

  26. I too would use this and put cookies in it. We are not allowed to burn candles in my apt. Senior building. So for people who can. Very beautiful Patricia.