Friday, 11 December 2015

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who is just here to have a look in to see what is going on!!!  You are all welcome, if you have an active Blog I will get round to visiting, I promise.  I know we are all the same at the moment and it`s not the "Day Thief" that`s on the prowl it is the "Week Thief"
To day is "Oldie for Friday" started by Erika over at:-
Anything Crafty you have made in the past is what is wanted.  It does NOT have to be a card.  Go rummage in your files you must have something there you can show..
Here is mine:-

Some of last years "Batch" Christmas Cards
These are all LOTV Images matted and layered, flat for posting.
I posted some "FLAT" cards off to the USA the other day, Oh! My! Goodness! what a price!!!!  Thank goodness its only once a year. 
Off to get a move on I am way behind with House Jobs today.  Audrey phoned and we chatted for almost an hour ... nothing unusual in that but it has put me way behind.

Have a great weekend
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. A lovely set of cards, the colours are beautiful, not like you to be behind with your housework goodness Patricia. Please don't over do things! Take care
    Margaret xxx

  2. Lovely set of cards Patricia and what gorgeous colours....housework..whats that?


  3. Gorgeous Gorgeous batch of cards! I love LOTV goodies.
    Anne xoxo

  4. Postage had certainly gone up in the last 5 years Patricia, scary when you have so many cards to send. I love all your cards, there's a lovely selection.
    Thanks for sharing an oldie today. Have a super weekend. Hugs Erika. X

  5. Lovely makes Patricia, I do like those LOTV images....perfect for the flatter cards. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo x

  6. Love your last years batch Patricia !
    hugs Maria xx

  7. A wonderful selection of cards Patricia, great oldie. I sent hubby to post my overseas ones and he was astounded at the price! Carol x

  8. They are lovely I just love the colour combo you have used I really must get a move on I've finished the ones for our neighbours - my second time of doing batch cards ever!

  9. Hello Patricia,
    These cards are fabulous. What stamps did you use, they are lovely.
    Maureen xxx

  10. Beautiful Oldie Christmas cards Patricia, posting cards is a ridiculous price..
    Hugs Pam x

  11. Gorgeous 'oldies'! I love these designs and must definitely get them out again next year. I know what you mean about the postage costs. I send to four relatives in the US and one in Australia and mine weren't flat unfortunately, they will be next year! Debra x

  12. Morning Patricia,
    Lovely cards, I do remember you posting them.

  13. These are gorgeous, love the designs.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  14. Beautiful selection of cards Patricia, lovely selection of designs and colours. I've not managed to paly, don't know where the time is going, Kate x

  15. Hi Patrici, These are really beautiful.
    Enjoy your weekend. I know what you mean about 'time'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Hi Patricia
    Great selection. Thought they were Card-io as they do similar little stamps.
    It cost me over £10 to get out of the Post Office last week (posting to Malaysia aint cheap lol!) Comes to something when the postage costs more than the card lol!
    Ang x