Sunday, 13 December 2015

"Quick Cards"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you are all well, coping with the stress we seem to love to put ourselves through at this time every year all for "one day"!!!
The  frost here is so thick you would think it had snowed a little.  However it is not as bad as rain ... these poor people who have been flooded have so much to cope with, now that`s what I would actually call "stress".
Its Robert`s 9th Birthday today, where have all those years gone???  Ooooo!! that has just reminded me I did not photograph the card I made for him, best go do that before I forget again.
That`s it done ... a card to show later.
I have two of cards for today.  One just to let a friend know I was thinking of her.  The other a request by the old lady in the village I make cards for.  We are very isolated, no bus or shop.  I make and give a few of the older ladies and box of mixed cards so they have something if they need a card in a hurry.  I do still get requests, the one I got the other day was for one of these cards we really don`t like to make.

Both made using my most favourite set of stamps ever.  
They are from StampinUp  ... Stippled Blossom.  Unfortunately you can no longer get them
Very basic cards but look different using various shades of ink
Greeting on the first one is a combination of word stamps I put together for what I wanted.
Sincere Condolence  is a Phil Martin stamp

That`s it for today, thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


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  2. Morning Patricia,
    I can see why you love this stamp it makes such gorgeous cards. Just wish I had managed to buy it myself, I have seen it on ebay at £40 which is too much.
    Happy Birthday to Robert.

  3. Two beautiful cards Paticia I am so glad I got this stamp set before it was discontinuted...


  4. Such beautiful cards! You really rock this stamp set girl!

  5. Morning Patricia, Happy 9th Birthday to Robert, I hope you have a lovely day. It was my Birthday yesterday, and it is my Great GrandSon's 9th Birthday on Wednesday, December is a great month for Birthdays hahaha.
    I'm loving your cards, Patricia, with my favourite stamps, they look totally different in different colours, and I'm loving the stamp of Phill's for Condolences, so effective.
    We had a bit of a frost this morning, yours sounds a lot thicker than ours, brrrrrrrr.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Two stunning cards using your all time favourite stamps Patricia.
    Yes Roberts birthday, it's not so long ago it feels you were awaiting his birth. xxx

  7. Patricia you do a beautiful job with those rose stamps, both cards are stunning.
    I hope Robert had a super birthday too.

    Hugs Erika. x

  8. Lovely cards and sush a shame those stamps are no longer available except you can advertise that your cards are fairly exclusive now ha ha!
    No frost for us yet just dismal, grey and wet! I really feel for those that have been flooded out As you say that is real stress
    I hope Robert has a great birthday I'm getting lost Is he the footballer or train fan?
    Your cards are beautiful and very tranquil

  9. Beautiful cards Patricia. How lovely of you to make a selection of cards for the elder community in your village. Hope Robert had a lovely day. Hugs Rita xxx

  10. Two gorgeous cards Patricia, the flowers are so pretty.
    Happy Birthday to Robert, hope he had a fab day
    Lorraine x

  11. that stamp really lends itself for any occasion Patricia and these are equally beautiful cards. Hope Robert had a wonderful Birthday xx

  12. Two Gorgeous card designs Patricia, both beautiful colours, lovely layouts.
    Sure is cold here..
    Pam x

  13. Both so beautiful Patricia, lovely colours too.
    Happy Birthday to Robert too, yes they grow up all too quickly, hope he enjoyed is big day, Kate x

  14. Love these cards Patricia - hope Robert had a lovely birthday Take care xxx Jean

  15. Hi Patricia.
    Both ur cards are lovely. I can see why u like using that stamp it's very pretty and useful too I can imagine using it for all sorts xx

  16. these are beautiful Patricia - gorgeous image! Hugs rachel x

  17. Hi Patricia
    Two lovely cards in different ways.
    Hope Robert enjoyed his big day.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  18. Two very beautiful cards Patricia, you use that stamp so well. Very frosty here too this morning. Happy birthday to Robert who shares his birthday with my daughter! Carol x

  19. Hello Patricia,
    Two lovely cards showing the versatility of these lovely stamps. Mind you I think you make it look easier than it is! Something else I'd really like to see being done.
    Hope Robert's day went well and that you had a lovely evening.
    Love Myra xxx

  20. Hello Patricia
    Sorry I'm late but better late than never! Two fantastic cards I do so love those rose stamps and you are the master of them that is for sure.
    Margaret xxx

  21. Two wonderful creations Patricia, xxx

  22. Lovely work using this great stamp set - one of the SU better stamps, and can't think why they discontinued it. Never thought of using it in the brown shades as you did but it's very lovely. Great arrangement of the flowers & made 2 stunning cards. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, TFS & Hugs too. The Village is lucky to have your skills on call!

  23. Gorgeous cards Patricia
    L have this stamp set uninked must look it out
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  24. Happy holidays Patricia, I can see why those are your favorite stamps they are just gorgeous designs.

    Hugs Diane

  25. Hello Patricia,
    I know I commented on these cards when I first saw them, or did I? Did I go straight onto the website to see if I could order them somewhere? I think that's what I must have done, and forgot to say that I think they are stunning, and the colouring is superb.
    love Maureen xxx