Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Quartet!!!

Hello Blog friends, followers and any Poppers By!!  You are all very welcome, now you are here if you have time please leave a little message so I know you called. 
Not a lot going on here today apart from going off to get my hair cut this afternoon.  Now that`s not a great occasion but for me it will be a bit of a Trauma!!!  I have worn my hair very short for years.  I had a fantastic hairdresser that meant a 40miles round trip, Hey! Ho! it was worth every penny she made a brilliant job.  When I went off to Dalyan, Turkey I had a another great hairdresser.  I don`t think we will be popping over to Turkey any time soon and my hairdresser here closed shop October last year.  Apart from ME!! chopping off bits and pieces here and there I have not had my bottom on a Hairdressers Chair since last September when I was on Holiday in Dlayan!! 
Its not long but far longer than I have had it in years.  The big question is ... do I go short again or do I try to find a longer style ... decisions, decisions.
Enough about me and my hair.
I have been very lazy about crafting these past couple of months.  Sunday I started to tidy a Crafty Cupboard, did not get very far.  I found a set of stamps that had not seen the light of day since .... ???
I rummaged in my Bit Box for some Stamping Card ... here is what I managed to achieve:-

Stamps are from
Fantastic sets of Stamps,  I have used Nature Sheets 8 & 9 they all join up wonderfully well to create great scenes.
My small scenes are only 2 x 2 even then you get great results.
This is a brilliant set of stamps for making Man Cards
I know I keep saying I am not a Stamper.  I like to try,  all the Stamp Sets I use are brilliant at covering up mistakes, they are not for precise stamping.
The company have lots of YouTube Videos, the person doing the teaching has a voice I can listen and learn from very easily.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate every single one
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. Stunning cards Patricia. Not used my stamps for a while either.You have created beautiful scenes on those cards. Hugs Rita xxxx

  2. These cards look great Patricia. Re hair, in your pic you suit it short but I dont know what you look like with it longer, xxx

  3. Morning Patricia,
    Gorgeous card, love the stamps will have a look for them.

  4. Good morning Patricia
    A wonderful set of cards especially from someone who claims they are not a stamper if only I was half as good!
    Hope all goes well at the hairdressers I know just what you mean for a few years I could not find a good hairdresser but have a superb one now but I think it may be a little too far for you to travel down here.

  5. Stunnin selection of cards Patricia, beautiful scenes and colours, your backgrounds are fabulous, good luck at the hair stylist, Kate x

  6. Beautiful set of cards my friend! I've always loved your short haircut and think it suites you well. Can't wait to hear what you did...did you cut is short or let it grow! Glenda #31

  7. First of all, Patricia the cards are beautiful. The scenes are lovely and so useful for all sorts of cards. I need to make more small cards!
    Secondly the hair style! It suits you short and must be easy to deal with every day! However you may like a change ? I can't wait to hear what you decided to do! Xxxx

  8. I love scene cads, I use to do a lot of that, still have all the stamps somewhere.....your cards are beautiful!!!!

  9. Gorgeous cards Patriciq. Beautiful scenes. I hope you find a hairdresser that you like. I looked for ages and now have a 52 mile round trip.

  10. Wow!! These are absolutely wonderful Patricia, I particularly like the Thank you one, the white accents look fabulous. Hope the hair turned out well xx

  11. Love the wonderful scenes with the fabulous stampscape stamps. I have a bunch of those, forget they are around. So easy to create a scene with these. I hear you about the hairdresser problem - I have short hair too, which means regular visits (with the costs continuing to go up). Seems each time I find somebody who is very good at handling my hair, she moves shop, or something happens that I have to restart the hunt. Good luck, and enjoy your adventures! Hope the weather is better ove ryour way. TFS

  12. Love your scene stamping, the cards are gorgeous. Xxx

  13. Hi Patricia,
    what brilliant stamping yet again.
    Love all the fab background inking too.
    Those stamps are really fab, and very handy to have.
    I can't imagine you with longer hair.
    Hope your hair cut turn out okay.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Hello Patricia,
    Ha ha, not a stamper, pull the other one you little tinker. These cards are stunning, I love them all. I think I'll have to look for these stamps.
    How will I recognise you if you grow your hair, oh I know, I'll look for Hazel lol.
    Maureen xxx

  15. oh Patricia - I think you are a stamper! These are beautiful - love them x

  16. Hi Patricia
    I remember other cards you have shown using these stamps and this is a fine quartet. Beautiful atmospheric backgrounds on them too.
    A lovely set.
    Ang x

  17. Oh dear just lost my comment. I pressed on sign out by mistake. Did that a few weeks ago and had awful problems getting back in again. Silky me. Patricia I have got similar stamps somewhere that haven't seen the light of day for a long time. What did you decide about your hair. I like it short. I usually go 100 miles to get mine cut but she is retiring this year so don't know what I will do then.

  18. Beautiful stamping again Patricia, love these!.
    I tried my hair a bit longer, soon had it cut short again..
    Pam x

  19. Hi Patricia, You are definitely a 'stamper', these cards are beautiful.
    I hope your hairdressing appointment went well !! I'm like you, I hate going to the hairdresser, for me it is on a par with the dentist. I have found a hairdresser that mostly does my hair how I want it, but each and every cut is always different from the time before. I haven't been able to go since November and my hair was driving me up the wall, I ended up going last week, and boy has she gone to town on the cut, but on the good side it will last me longer hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  20. Hi Patricia
    Fabulous cards... I have these stamps ... They certainly make stunning cards
    Hugs Sylvie xx