Saturday, 27 February 2016

A Very quick post

Hello Blog friends and followers.  Thank you so much for calling by.  I been missing so many times of late.  I hope things settle down and I get back some ME time soon.
We had a very busy day yesterday, another day of not having time to change my mind.
If possible we intend to have a quite weekend .. well quite as apposed to what has been going on lately. 
The boys will be along after Football Training.  Our house is on the way to their house from the Football Ground.  They come in, one goes in the shower the other in the bath then it`s Bacon Rolls all round. I have never seen bacon disappear so quickly.  Good job there is always plenty in the fridge.  The other thing is Rolls man! oh! man! those boys can eat. 
It`s a beautiful day today, very cold, the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly.  At least they can go exploring, the only thing is that means dirty, muddy wellies to deal with.
Here is my offering for today:-

Base card is a cut off from a project approx the same as a DL
Backing paper left over bits from another project ... printed from a  Rob Adams CD
Navy card from my Bit Box 
The Rose is the only decent image I got while experimenting!!!
I bought a stamp set for multi layering Roses. Sorry I cant remember the name of the Company.  I have cut the name off the top of the stamp sheet to get it in the A5 storage packet  
I experimented but just could not get the hang of using them. Even tried to follow their Tutorial on YouTube without much success.  
I will stick to my SU Stippled Blossom Set in future.
Sentiment from CE Stamp set.  I have just noticed there is a little "flaw" in the "T"
Mmmmm!!! do I send them back or do I just ink in the missing bit with pen???
That`s me for today the boys will be here soon better get things started
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. A really lovely card Patricia such a shame about the stamps especially the CE set, have you looked at the others in the set too? I would let them know and see what they offer to do at least. Have a lovely day. xxx

  2. Hi Patricia, A lovely card, a pity the stamp hasn't stamped fully, have you tried it again, just in case it was a blip. I like the rose and how you have done it, it looks really pretty. I have a set by JustRite but they don't seem to look as gorgeous as the SU Stippled Blossoms, they are my favourites.
    I hope you are having a great day, I even cut my front grass and did my borders this afternoon, my back is now complaining bitterly, I'm off to soak in the bath now.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Hi Patricia Hope youare well. Lovely crd and the blue looks great. If the stamp is still flawed after trying it again I'd send it back. I think these companies churn out stuff so much there are faulty ones occasionally and why should teh customer pay? These things are expensive enough as it is. It's bright here but incredibly cold! Spring can't be too far away now because the mornings are getting lighter now as well. Hugs Christine xx

  4. Hi Patricia hope you are keeping well your card is gorgeous as always and the design is wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  5. Hello Patricia,
    First of all can I say that yesterday's card is great. An idea I will be borrowing!!
    Today's card is lovely, but it's a shame about the stamp, have you decided what you are going to do? By the way, I think all boys are the same with food, although Zoe is a bit like that. I'm starving are the first words she usually says after "hello" ha ha.
    Maureen xxx

  6. A gorgeous card Patricia, love the pretty flower...I'm sure you will get the hang of the stamp.
    Enjoy your bacon rolls with the boys tomorrow...we have cricket practice!
    Lorraine x

  7. Hi Patricia. Lovely card but shame about the stamp. I would certainly tell them and see what they say. Love the colouring on the rise. Hope you have had a good day.

  8. Gorgeous card, Patricia, love everything about it

  9. This is lovely but I would tell the stamp company about the probleM. You should get a new set at the very least. Sometimes they give little extras for your trouble. Have a good rest of the weekend.

  10. Beautiful card Patricia, I would email them about the stamp, with a photo of what it is doing, cost to much for you to have to mess around.
    Pam x

  11. Morning Patricia,
    A agree with the others send them a letter.
    Love the card.

  12. A beautiful card Patricia! Very elegant! hugs, Marlies

  13. Lovely card Patricia. I,m sure they will sort your stamp out if you ask too, xxx

  14. Lovely card, really pretty.


  15. Nevertheless Patricia you've still created a beautiful card, lovely design and colours, Kate x

  16. I think your rose is beautiful Patricia, you always do such a great job with those type of stamps, can I see a little added sparkle too?
    As for the boys my two are exactly the same but it is cereal/milk in this house, I buy about 7 or 8 boxes a week. Scary! They have it for breakfast and supper and the bowls just get bigger and bigger. :0
    I guess they could be eating worse as I don't buy the sugary ones.

    Good to hear your getting some craft time.

    Hugs Erika. x

  17. Lovely card Patricia!!! Hugs!

  18. I hadn't realised you were back blogging I am now going to go back and take a look at your wonderful makes

  19. Hi Patricia
    Fabulous card... Love the flower...
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  20. Hi Patricia.

    Beautiful card as always xx

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