Monday, 1 February 2016

Coooo!! Eeeee!! Its only me!!!

Hello everyone, WOW!!  it is a long time since I was here.  Sorry about that, just life in general.  I suffer from S.A.D. I have all the gizmo's and what have you.  However the severe lack of any sunshine this year has not helped.  I have had very few chances to get for a walk.  Anyway enough about me.  
How are you all fairing??? 
I have been keeping up to date with all your Blogs,  Making the occasional comment and admiring all  your wonderful work.
I have been doing some creating, not a lot but some
Nothing much going on here at "The Ranch" apart from watching a "lake" appear in the field over the small field fence.  It has gone down a good bit this week but here`s what it looks like:-

That`s looking out my Kitchen window!!

We have been very lucky, I feel so sorry for all those poor people who are out of their homes and don`t have a clue when they will get back in.  It was all "news" when the water was waist high in their houses, do we hear about them now ... nope!!!

Anyway on to a nicer subject, my friend and neighbour Isobel became a granny for the 4th time on New Years Day.  Her Son and DIL had a little boy ... 8weeks early.  He fought the fight and is now at home doing very well. 
Here are the cards I made:-

Both standard makes for me.  I usually stick to very similar most times.
Top one is an image I downloaded years ago and I go back to it so many times.  
Backing Paper from a Rob Adams CD Gingham, Polka Dot & Checks it`s a great all rounder
StampinUp Ribbon won in a Competition
Sentiment Computer Generated
Lower one using a LOTV image very gently coloured in Blue
Backing paper from the same CD as above
Odd scraps of card fro the Banner and a few Buttons
Sentiment Computer Generated once again
OK! will leave you and Love you
Thank you for calling by, I really do appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia xxx


  1. Hello Patricia and welcome back, I hope that yo pick up soon, missed seeing you.
    I'm down with the lurgie just now, and feeling misrable, but it will pass.
    Beautiful cards, lovey images and papers, take care, Kate x

  2. It's always lovely to see you Patricia and I hope that this miserable weather soon picks up and heralds better days for you. Cold,bright and frosty I can live with but the constant rain is really taking its toll, the animals are so miserable and I have no enthusiasm either!! These are lovely baby cards and I can see why the download is well used, it's adorable. Until next time xx

  3. Hi Patricia, Happy New Year. Lovely to see you back.
    I empathise with your SAD, I have the same problem, but thankfully the days are getting longer and the Spring/Summer can't come soon enough.
    I'm loving your cards, 8 weeks early how scary for Isobel and her Family, happy to hear that Baby is coming on well and at home, lovely news.
    Take care.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Helloooooo you made it!!
    I'm so thrilled to see you back in print! You know what I mean!
    That's quite a lake!
    I love both of the cards . I need to use my computer more! I need lessons I think. Tend to stick to the iPad now which can't do all these things. Hope the weather cheers up soon - at least so that you can get out for a lovely walk!

  5. Hi Patricia,
    so lovely to see you posting again.
    Your cards are perfect for the occasions.
    My you have had a bad time of ot this year with your sad complaint.
    Hope you manage to get a little sunshine so it clears up a bit.
    Lots of crafty Get Well Wishes. Jenny L.

  6. They are so gorgeous, love the tiny feet image.
    Perhaps you need a holiday,xxxx

  7. Gorgeous cards Patricia, love the images - so sweet.
    Hope you get a bit of sunshine soon
    Lorraine x

  8. We are getting a lot of rain here today. Last week we had about 8" of snow over about 3 days and it was beautiful. Love your cards and I especially love the second one.

  9. Both cards are gorgeous. Hope the weather improves so you start to feel brighter.


  10. Hi Patricia what beautiful cards and the designs are wonderful. I too suffer from S.A.D and I understand what you are going through. I have tried all the lamps but theres nothing like the sun. George had a heart attack 3 days before christmas so its been a bad few weeks what with the weather and George being ill. But I hope you can get out a bit in some daylight.

    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  11. Wonderful to have you back Patricia, wow that is some lake almost equals some we have here in the Lake District. Hang on in there Spring is just around the corner and summer will soon be on it's way.
    Love both of your cards they are so beautiful the shades are perfect and such lovely images you have used to welcome the new small baby, but he will have all the world to grow in. Thank you for sharing.

  12. so glad to see you in blogland Patricia and to see your lovely cards. The weather really has been awful and I'm not surprised you've been suffering with SAD. Hopefully the sun will come out soon. Sending big hugs Rachel xx

  13. Hi Patricia, your cards are lovely. Good to have you back on your blog again.
    Jess xxx

  14. Hi Patricia, lovely to see you posting again, two wonderful baby cards, wow he was early, glad he`s home and doing well.
    It is rather a large pond in the field, like you my heart breaks for all those that had floods.
    Pam x

  15. Morning Patricia,
    So pleased to see you back, have missed you. The cards are lovely, so pleased to hear the baby is doing well, must have been a shock to the parents.

  16. Whoops, missed this. Nice to see you back and with two lovely cards. Christine xx

  17. Sorry big sis didn't see this. As you know I I've both these images and your cards. xxx

  18. Great to have you back Patricia, I have a similar lake in the field out our back too, with pigs wandering in it! The good Scottish weather.
    I love both your baby cards, the wee baby feet in the first one are soooooo cute, as is the image in the second. The perfect colour for the occasion too.

    Crafty hugs, Erika. x

  19. Hellooooooo my friend,
    I can't believe it, I missed this post yesterday, and I've looked in most days for ages. Oh well. The two cards are lovely and have given me ideas for when my niece's baby arrives. Not long now. 2 weeks if she doesn't go over her time.
    I'm glad to see you back Patricia, the lake is still impressive!!
    love Maureen xxx

  20. love both the baby cards but hands down o the second, it's gorgeous!!!!

  21. Both baby cards design are just wonderful Patricia, wow I can't believe the water that is accumulating in that field. Hoping for sunshine for you.

    Hugs Diane

  22. Lovely to see you back Patricia, I have missed you.
    Two wonderful cards, love the images. Glad baby doing alright. Hope for some sunshine and you soon feeling better. I also have a bit of SAD so know what you going through.
    hugs Maria xxx

  23. Nice to see you back Patricia but can understand why you have not been posting SAD is a miserable thing to have I would love to go to sleep at the beginning of the year and wake all nice and refreshed the middle of February.
    Your cards are really nice and give me inspiration.


  24. Lovely cards Patricia and glad the baby is doing well. My eldest was born just over 7 weeks early and after a slow start he did fine. Now nearly 46. Glad you are back to your blog Patricia.

  25. Think my message disappeared. Lovely cards Patricia and glad the baby is doing fine. My first was over 7 weeks premature and after a poor start soon picked up and is now nearly 46. Good go see you back Patricia. Have missed reading your blog.