Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hellooooo!!! Remember Me???

Hello Blog friends, I am still here!!!
Its been such a long time since I have Posted anything.  
2016 did not get off to a good start here at The Ranch.  All well now thank goodness, hubby back to normal (well as near "normal" as he will ever be)   He has always said being "normal" was very boring so he is now back to being him!!!!  Good to see him happy, eating, enjoying his food and starting to put on weight again.  I have told him he could have a transplant of my excess weight if he could find out how it could be done!!! ..... sooner the better would be good.......!!
To get me back on track, last week I spent a few days away with my sister Hazel and some Blog Friends.  We had a fantastic time together, laughing, chatting and Oh! yes! some Retail Therapy.  
Here are a few pictures:-

 Hazel my sister.
Tammy her daughter does all the organising.  Tammy is brilliant at sussing out great bargains for accommodation, eating places and places to visit.  We all met up in Carlisle, it was an excellent centre and great Hotel.

Left to right in this picture:-
Myra who came up from Lancashire, Diane travelled all the way up from Southampton.  Then we have our Barbara who believe it or not flew over from Nuremberg, Germany, then Hazel again.
Then we have Maureen from Newcastle and Jess from Falkirk, Scotland.
Here we have Margaret who lives at Cockermouth not too far from Carlisle.  Margaret did not stay over but came every day to be with us.  Last but not least is our Norah from, Glenochil, Scotland.  Norah is the most amazing young woman who lights up a room with her brilliant smile.
Norah doing "wheelies" in the car park, she was so happy to be with us plus shopping.  Note that Norah is in her little buggy which all folds down and fitted in the back of Hazel`s car.  Jess, Norah, and little old me were driven down by Hazel ... thank you sis.  Hazel`s car was the best option for fitting in the Buggy and all the Bags  ....  even more bags on the way home!!!  
I have to mention that all this could not have happened without Sue Wilson`s Blog.  Without Hazel clicking on The Cotswold Crafter`s Blog, then us going on a Crafting weekend with Sandra plus followers of her Blog we would never have made all these amazing friends.  Thank you to both for making such wonderful friendships possible.

As they say "every picture tells a story" I hope you have enjoyed seeing these. 
I will be back soon with some of my "makes".  My few days away has given me a Happy Boost.
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
Love and Hugs
Patricia xxx



  1. Big sis I could have given you a picture of yourself to start the photos off with. Oh we had a ball! I think Norah on her scooter tell the best story it's a brilliant photo Norah! She will give you into trouble as she will tell you it's Glenochil she lives! You know she loves her hills!!!
    Yes another great meet up. Then again we always have great meet ups with friends we have from blogging! Xxx.

  2. A lot of very happy photos of you all. It sounds like a wonderful time. How amazing how you all met each other. Barbxx

  3. Hello Patricia!
    What great photos! The one of Norah is definitely the best - the sheer joy in her face is lovely! Hazel's car was like the Tardis! Where are you in these photos!! Have a lovely weekend. Xxxx

  4. Hi Patricia, you can feel the warmth and happiness you all had these few day's together and the photos are great! Especially Norah on her scooter, loved to seen the wheelies :-) Lovely too to see Margaret,nice lady. Hopefully you now feel a lot better and can get to crafting mood soon, you have been missed xxx

  5. Oh Patricia,
    Some great photo's but I always get a shock when I see mine as I'm only 25 in my mind. Still as the granddaughters always say, we love your soft, crinkly skin grandma ha ha.
    Had the best time ever, but not long enough, thanks again to Hazel and Tammy.
    Maureen xxx

  6. Patricia, lovely photos, I'm kinda like Maureen in that I don't like looking at myself in photos, I'm only 20 in my mind!!!
    Norah was so funny in her scooter burling (Scottish word for turning) around,
    Roll on our next meet up, xxx

  7. Looks as if you all enjoyed your time together. Lovely pictures too Patricia. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. What a great outing! I almost feel like I was along for the trip!

  9. Hi Patricia, So glad to see you back. I'm also so glad that your hubby is now feeling much better.
    Great piccies of your time away with your Sister and your Friends, looks like a fabulous time was had by all.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. It looks like a fun time was had by all!! Lovely to see you back and pleased to hear that Hubby is picking up xx

  11. Patricia what brilliant photos of our amazing meet up. Norah's smile says it all, fun laughter and friendship. And to think it all began as a click on Wilson's blog. Hazel and Tammy thank you for organising it all for us. Can't wait for our next one.
    Love and hugs Barbara xxxx

    1. Sorry that should say SUE Wilson's blog!!!

  12. Hi Patricia
    What great photos- had to look twice, looks like I've got really long arms!!! ( it could be the long arm of the law, but that's a whole new story!!!!!). Norah's photo is fabulous - sums up the fun and laughter we had. Thank you Hazel and Tammy for organising everything and thank you ladies for a wonderful few days xxxx

  13. Patricia more great photo's of our meet up which was absolutely wonderful, I would not have missed it for the world. I will never forget being with Norah while we were all shopping, when all of a sudden she spied a coffee machine in the Tefal shop, a 90 degree turn as fast as you like, a quick look and she was asking for one and under her feet it went, she is not a dilly dally shopper that is for sure! It was nothing short of a miracle how Hazel got everything in her car boot for the journey home.
    Many thanks to Hazel and Tammy for all their hard work and to all who came too, bringing with them their fun, laughter and true friendship.

    1. Margaret, Norah was quick off the mark in her buggy scooter spying that coffee maker! I think the lady in the tefal shop has never sold one so quick. Yes I have to say the vauxhall Mariva is a little Tardis! We wouldn't have got the bags in our Toyota urban cruiser that's for sure. Xxx

    2. Margaret so pleased you were able to meet everyone and you had a lovely time.

  14. Fab photos, looks like you've had a lovely time. Where are you in the piccies??
    Sorry to hear your hubby has been poorly, hope he is back to full strength soon.
    Lorraine x

  15. great pictures Patricia and so lovely to see you here in blogland again! Hugs rachel x

  16. Hello everyone, thank you for the "welcome back" and your lovely comments.
    I took all the photos, I never even thought of posting one of me. I might add one to a future Post ... watch this space!!
    Patricia xxx

  17. Brilliant photos Patricia, would love to have seen yourself on one! looks like you had a wonderful time..
    Glad your husband is on the mend.
    Pam x

  18. Hello flower,
    Yes it was definitely "right turn Clyde" spying that coffee machine in my little scooter, it's amazing what i can get on it when push comes to shove. I had the most wonderful time away with my lovely friends and i am so looking forward to it again soon, well as soon as we save up enough pennies again, lol. Thank you my lovely cherubs for enjoying the fun along with me, our only problem was it wasn't near long enough (But that's me being greedy). Thank you John for allowing Patricia out to play with me. x

  19. Thank you Patricia. So pleased to see you back. Have missed you. Glad you all had a lovely time.

  20. Pleased to her your husband is on the mend...sounds like you ladies had a great photograph of you I notice?


  21. Morning Patricia,
    Glad to have you back missed you. Pleased to hear Hubby is on the mend, and the photos show it all, looks like a great time had by all.

  22. Hi Patricia.
    U all looked as tho u had a blast.
    Norah u had unfair advantage on the scooter when it came to the coffee maker me thinks ;-) LOL xx

  23. Hi Patricia,

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  24. I' so pleased to see you back to blogging and pleased that your husband is back to his usual self My my, how lucky you are to do this meet up Nice to see some faces from COTSWOLD CAFE

  25. Hi Patricia

    So sorry to hear your husband has been unwell and the start of your year was "rubbish". I hope things are settling down for both of you now.

    Certainly your little trip away looks amazing .... lots of fun had by all! Hopefully that has re-charged your batteries again.

    Take care.

    Love Jules xx

  26. Good to hear hubby is feeling much better, that must be a relief?
    Sounds like you crafty ladies had a cracking time, nothing quite like spending quality time with like minded folk. Great photos and great memories.

    Hugs Erika. x

  27. Tracy saying about the photos on Particraft made me wonder if you had maybe posted them, and so it is! Great to see all the faces, looks like you had a great time. Norah looks just like my niece, hadn't imagined her to be so pretty (sorry Norah, but you have sometimes given a somewhat careworn picture of yourself!)
    Thanks for photos, Patricia, glad your husband is getting better.

    'P' in Wales