Sunday, 24 April 2016


Hello Blog friends and followers welcome to my Blog.
Today was our Family Celebration, we have so many special birthdays throughout this year.  Hazel and I decided that we would have one big Celebration to get everyone together.  Unfortunately like all these things no matter how hard you try there are always some who have other things on.  Gillian (Hazel`s daughter and Hannah Fiona`s daughter) were away on a Training Course and did not manage.
A few of you mentioned I was not on the photos of our few days away with Blog firiends.  I was taking the photos I posted, anyway here I am with my sisters:- 

From left to right:-
Me, Hazel, Jackie and Fiona

That`s it for today.
 I just thought I would let the people who mentioned I was missing, see a photo of me.
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you calling by
Till next time
Patricia  xxx


  1. A gorgeous photo, you look fabulous.
    Lorraine x

  2. How lovely you ladies are all dolled up. Thank you for sharing. You are tall. Never imagine by your profile picture. Very pretty and your outfit is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous photo Patricia. Like you hair but will take a bit of getting used to. Used to seeing it very short. Glad you all had a lovely time. Shame some couldn't make it.

  4. Think I must have forgotten to press publish. Gorgeous photo. Glad you all had a lovely time. Like the hair Patricia. Very cold and wet here. Definitely coat weather.

  5. Hello Patricia, lovely photo, what a pity not everyone managed the celebrations, I guess that's life, but I'm sure everyone who was there had a fabulous time, Kate x

  6. Hello Patricia,
    Lovely photo of you all, what a good way to celebrate lots of anniversaries, birthdays etc. but what a shame that Gillian and Hannah couldn't make it.
    Maureen xxx

  7. Good to see pics and glad celebrations went well, xxxx

  8. great picture Hazel - you all look very happy x

  9. Great photo Patricia!
    I forgot your relatively new hairstyle would come as a surprise to people! It's lovely though! Really suits you! Xxx

  10. Beautiful family photo Patricia, glad your celebration went well.
    Pam x

  11. Smashing family photo. It's nice to make memories especially with family.

  12. What a gorgeous family photo! Four lovely ladies together. Debra x

  13. Lovely photo Patricia, it's nice to get a photo altogether while you can. I am the eldest of 6, 2 brothers and 3 sisters (sadly lost a sister a few years ago) we all keep in touch and I try and see them all at least once a year.
    Enjoy the week ahead.
    Hazel c uk

  14. Such a lovely snap of you all, looks like the sun shone at just the right moment xx

  15. Great photo of you all Patricia, shame some family members couldn't make the do but then that always happens.

    Hugs Erika. x