Saturday, 21 May 2016

"Boy at Work"

Hello Blog Friends, followers and anyone who pressed a wrong button and landed here!!!
Please stay a while, have look round, if you like what you see maybe you could leave a comment so I know you called in.  
Well folks its Saturday and the weekend is upon us once again.  
Our boys are here today, Thomas coming early.  Robert playing football and will be picked up later.  I will have to have plenty supplies in, they both eat lots.  
Dinner here this evening for all, except Mum who will not finish till 8pm.  I box Audrey`s meal up, they take it home for her to have when she gets home.
Here is the kind of thing Thomas likes to do while he is here.  Robert is just happy to kick a ball about the garden or craft with me.

A few weeks ago Thomas was in the Garage and asked what the big tin of paint was for.  We told him it was for painting the Summerhouse once the weather improved.  Thomas said he would do it, he is saving for a LARGE Lego Kit, working hard at home and here to earn some money.  
Last Sunday was a beautiful day so the job was done.  Grandpa went over into the field to do the back Thomas did all the rest.

Here is another of my Brusho efforts.  I really liked this piece so did not add anything to it.
This piece was the best of the all the pieces I actually did (well I thought so anyway) 

Right best get a move on or the John Jr will be here with Thomas before we know it.
Thank you you so much for calling by, I love to have you visit.
Have a wonderful weekend 

Patricia  xxx


  1. Good morning, glad to see Thomas is on the stool rather than grandpa! Love this piece of art work, your right you don't need anything else. Hazel xxx

  2. Good Morning Patricia, what a great help to John Thomas is and getting these maintenance chores done when the weather lets you is good.
    Now your card is fabulous, the colours are brilliant,love it, enjoy your day, Kate x

  3. ooo Patricia I love the technique you've used on the card, what a lovely framed piece of art.
    Looks like your grandson will have that Lego set in no time, well done to him for helping out.
    Enjoy your weekend, hugs Erika. x

  4. I adore your brusho piece Patricia - really wonderful - looks like space to me!!! Good to see your grandson earning his money! Brilliant - good for him! Hugs rachel x

  5. Hi Patricia
    What a helpful lad. Looks like he did a good job too.
    Your Brusho piece is stunning. You don't need to be an artist to produce a cracking creation.
    Ang x

  6. Hi Patricia, How great it is when Grandson is helping with the painting, he looks to be doing a brilliant job of it too, well done Thomas, keep up the good work and you will have all the money you need for your Large Lego set.
    This 'Brusho' piece is fabulous, and matted and layered it is a definite 'work of Art'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Thomas has done a great job by the looks of it, and what a great attitude being prepared to work for it, bless him. I know how expensive lego can be, our youngest (only 22!!) wanted some Star Wars Lego for Christmas and I was astonished at how expensive it was!! Another beautiful bit of Brusho work Patricia...I would frame that too!! xx

  8. It looks like Thomas is doing a fantastic job
    Love the effect on your card too.
    Lorraine x

  9. Thomas has done a brilliant job, please send him over here, we could do with a painter!!,
    Your Brusho work is lovely, it does not need anything else.
    Jess xx

  10. Don't know how I managed to log in as True Blogs ooops

  11. Hello Patricia,
    Now Thomas is the kind of Grandson to have, send him down here please, my Garden Shed is looking a bit sad!!!
    Your Brusho art is fantastic. Get it framed pronto and hung on the wall, there - that's you told ha ha.
    Maureen xxx

  12. Gosh how those boys have grown. Nice that they are doing jobs to help. Love your card, never tried the Brushos. Hugs Rita xxxx

  13. Morning Patricia,
    Looks like Thomas was doing a great job. Love your Brusho effect card.

  14. gutes gelingen für den farbanstrich, liebe patricia....herrlich ist dein kärtlein anzuschauen....
    liebe grüsse zum sonntag...

  15. Love your latest card and well done to Thomas. I have plenty of jobs he can do. I will get in line behind Maureen