Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Closing for the Summer

Hello Blog friends, I have not been a very good Blogger lately.  No Excuses apart from not having the time for Blogging,  Card Making or Crafting in general.
I have decided to leave Blogging till later in the year. 
Our boys are off school, we don`t look after them but we do go away a lot with them and John & Audrey.
Hazel (my sister) and I have things going on over the next few months as well which will also keep us busy.  
Hazel has just finished booking the Hotel for our next "Meet Up" with Blog friends we met for the first time last November in Birmingham.  We had had a fantastic few days away meeting up in April and said we would all get together again in October.  That`s well on the way now with everyone saving and looking forward to it.
I hope you all have the most fantastic Summer and the sun shines for everyone..
Thank you for your loyalty and all your wonderful  comments on my past projects.
I appreciate each and every one.
Stay safe
Patricia   xxx



  1. Loving your card big sis. I haven't got time to post either. As you know I am busy helping Beth with her fund raising projects. Now our two boys are home I will help out looking after them while mum is busy.

  2. Hi Patricia, Your Thank You card is lovely !! There aren't enough hours in the day for me either. I hope you all have a brilliant Summer and come back feeling refreshed. Good Luck with your saving for the NEC, you will all have something to look forward to. Enjoy your Summer.
    Lots of love and huge hugs from Patricia xx

  3. A beautiful card Patricia, the flowers are so pretty and a gorgeous colour.
    Have a lovely summer and enjoy your time with your friends and family.
    Lorraine x

  4. Hello Patricia!
    I can't remember who says this but " is it October yet!!!"
    What a lovely card - I'm still practising this technique and now that After School Club has finished I may just manage to improve. I also have Holiday Club and grandchildren so summer is busy. Enjoy your days out and forget all about the blog for now! We'll keep in touch.
    Thanks for all your inspiration and lovely makes, not just cards. So glad Corrie is fine!
    Love Myra xx

  5. Have a wonderful summer Patricia and see you in the autumn...ooh, there's a thought. I have found time is short and had forgotten how time consuming pups can be, but am determined to enjoy them!! See you soon xx

  6. Hi Patricia,
    have a wonderful summer and enjoy your days out.
    You card is wonderful and so very lovely stamped as usual.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Hello Patricia
    Another really beautiful stamped card from you to inspire us all. If time was elastic it would make things easier.Ha ha! Have a super summer you deserve to, you work so hard.
    Who keeps saying is it October yet?
    Love Margaret xxx

  8. Ooh Patricia, this is gorgeous, as usual.
    What's this about October, have we been looking forward to it, is the Pope Catholic? ha ha.
    Maureen xxx

  9. Fabulous card Patricia...
    See you later in the year...
    Hugs Sylvie x

  10. A beautiful card Patricia, so pretty. Enjoy your summer. Carol x

  11. Hi Patricia, this one is gorgeous.

    It would be lovey if you were coming to Ally Pally in September, Sunday is a quieter day for me.

  12. Gorgeous card Patricia I love it.
    October? It can't come soon enough for me!
    Have a wonderful summer break.
    Love and hugs
    Saba xxxxx

  13. We all need a break from things Now and again Enjoy your summer and your meet up in October

  14. Beautiful card Patricia. Have a lovely summer break with your family.

  15. Hi Patricia
    You are good at this triple stamping lark, this card is beautiful. Is it October yet? Funny weather if it is though 😀😀😀. Enjoy your summer xxx

  16. Hi Patricia

    A beautiful card to mark the start of your summer break. So neat and such gorgeous colour choices.

    I wish you a lovely Summer break .. .. enjoy every second. It sounds like it is going to be fun!

    Love Jules xx

  17. Morning Patricia,
    I will miss hearing about the boys, have a good summer, and don't stay away too long.
    Beautiful card.

  18. Hope you enjoy your time away from your blogging friends. However, please don't forget to come back to us in the Fall!

  19. Hi Patricia, love your card, I'm going to have a try at this triple colour stamping, thanks for your inspiration.
    Have a super summer, not long till October, yay, yay, yay xxx
    Jess xxx

  20. Hi Patricia, stunning card, love it. I wish you a very happy summer and I hope you enjoy all you have planned, I know only too well how 'life' can get in the way you just don't always have time to blog, it takes a lot of time up doesn't it but its good in making friends and keeping in touch. So I will look out for when your little thumbnail comes back onto my list of blogs lol! Have a fabulous summer

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. absolutely beautiful, love your coloring!!!

  22. Gorgeous card as always Patricia. Hope you and Hazel enjoy your time in Birmingham and look forward to our much awaited meet up too. Love to both of you. Hugs Rita xxx

  23. Gorgeous card as always Patricia. Hope you and Hazel enjoy your time in Birmingham and look forward to our much awaited meet up too. Love to both of you. Hugs Rita xxx

  24. Hi Patricia
    Hope you're on commission with this stamp company lol!
    Have a good Summer. I know you feel the benefit of being outside on sunny days so enjoy them.
    Ang x

  25. liebe patricia, ich hoffe, ich habe eine falsche übersetzung gelesen.....du willst deinen blog schliessen?....das wäre so sehr schade....alles liebe wünsche ich dir....lass dich umarmen....

  26. Hi Patricia, long time seen. Have a wonderful summer with you OH and the grand children, have a lot of fun. Also have a Hoot meeting up with the 'clan', enjoy the NEC if you are going. It is big and crowdie but so much fun. many hugs Maria xx

  27. What a lovely card! Have a great weekend!!

  28. What a lovely design Patricia.

    Hugs Diane

  29. Hope you are enjoying your summer break, weather has been pants here, rained the last three days. Where is the sun?
    A beautiful card with great stamping again.
    Take care, hugs Erika. x

  30. Hi Patricia, just popping in to wish both you & Hazel a very Merry Christmas as I notice neither of you are on here now, sad but you have your reasons but I wish you all the very best. Love always Jacquie xxxx

  31. Hello Patricia and Hazel, I miss your posts and hope you are both well and you have a lovely chrismas and best wishes fir 2017

    Hazel c uk

  32. Hello Patricia. I miss your posts, and just tried to visit your sister and found her blog is closed. I am loving this card, as always with your work. Please give my best to your sister, and hopes that both of you have had a good fall & winter. Hope to see you back blogging again one day, but it is hard to maintain a blog and live a busy life! Such a pleasure to get to enjoy the beautiful things you & Hazel would both share! Hugs Mary H.