Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lantern Tutorial

Hello Bloggers, hope you are all well.
I had a couple of requests for instructions for the Lantern I showed last week.
Go grab yourself a BIG cup of coffee and a whole box of biscuits, this is very picture heavy.
I am not that good at these sort of things but here we go:-
I cut 4 panels using the above Die.  Any Die you have will do, if its a narrow Die like a SW Striplet Die you can do it on one sheet of card if you have a large Die Cutting Machine.  I did  a few for Christmas using one of Sue`s Christmas Striplets
I cut the panels out leaving approx 1cm border ALL THE WAY ROUND
Score and fold in that 1cm border on all sides.  Leave the bottom ones they sit inside your top and base
I used this Acetate to line my box it is a good heavy weight Acetate which helps strengthen the box
I used narrow Red DST to stick the Acetate to the inside of the box
I used Cosmic Shimmer glue on the 1cm folded pieces
Stuck them, pinned them and left them to dry.  We then need to make a Lid & Base.
Once dry I measured the top and made these.
The of course these will be or should be the same size top and bottom. I measured and made them just a tiny bit more than 1cm deep.  Punch a hole in the center of the "top" for threading the ribbon through.  I cut a square of card to hide the tails of the ribbon inside the top.  If using it as a Lantern I did not stick the base on.  I find it easier to lift the box to switch on & off the Battery Candle.  If you are using the box for another type of gift I would stick the base on
Your finished Lantern ready to decorate.  Looks nice just like that or you can do this:-
I hope you understand all these instructions.  Please just ask if there is anything I can help you with.

Thank you for calling in I really do appreciate it
Patricia xxx


  1. Morning Patricia,
    Excellent tutorial.

  2. WOW!!!I love this, so elegant.........

  3. Thanks Patricia, great tutorial and lovely photos, easy to follow.
    Take care, Jess x

  4. Hi Patricia,
    thnk you so much for the wonderful tutorial.
    That made everything really clear, and sounds very much like the tissue boxes I make. except it has four seperate sides.
    Love your wonderful flowers on the top and sides.
    Just need to invest in one of those type of dies now.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Yippee Patricia,
    I have this die and have never used it!! Guess what I'll be making when I can do some proper crafting again?
    Thanks, your instructions and photos make the mechanics very clear.
    love Maureen xxx

  6. Beautiful lantern box Patricia, good instruction and very clear.
    Pam x

  7. Thank you so much Patricia you make things so very easy to follow and make for ourselves! This is such a beautiful lantern.
    Margaret xxx

  8. A wonderful step by step tutorial Patricia and definitely something I will have a go at xx

  9. Hello Patricia - Thank you! Beautiful lantern and crystal clear instructions! Will definitely have a go! Really love the di you used as it will let lots of light shine out.
    Love Myra xxx
    PS Trust Maureen to have the Die!! Xx

  10. Fabulous tutorial for the lantern, great pictures and will try to make one, one day :)
    Maria xx

  11. Hi Patricia! great tutorial and gorgeous lantern huggles Sue xx