Friday, 9 June 2017

Silver Wedding Wishes

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers, thank you for all your visits. 
I am part of a brilliant group of nine Crafty (in the arty way) friends.  We live widely spread out over this country plus one in Germany.  We meet up every 6 months for a few days together, we laugh, chat, eat, have a few drinkies, lots of food, shopping and absolutely loads and loads of FUN!!!
We initially met through Sue Wilson`s Blog, got together at a Crafty Weekend and have stayed firm friends ever since.  We keep in touch daily, we manage lots of fun and laughter.  We share all our crafty projects both good and any disasters we may have.  We love to see what each of us has made whether at home, at a Class or Workshop we might have been lucky enough to go to.
One of  group of nine, Diane and her hubby Julian cerebrated their Silver Wedding in May. They had a Garden Party in their own beautiful garden for the occasion.  I really hope she does not mind me sharing her card with you.    
It is a very simple card, I think it is quite effective, says what it needs to say.
Diane lives way down in Southamton, I just had to add a little Thistle to the card, well!!! it was sent all the way from Scotland. 
I had a spell away from Blogging, I have been lucky many of my Blog friends have returned. I really, really appreciate that.  
I thought you might like to see how our Grandsons are getting on.
Thomas the older one is very tall, at just 12 will be 13 in September, he is almost 6`.  His dad, our son is 6`3" his mum  5`7" my side of the family are all quite tall.   Robert 10 is average for his age but is desperate to be tall like his big brother.  He is signed with Dundee Football Club as a Junior Trainee Goalkeeper and says he needs to be tall to "fill" the goal.
That`s them with their dad in our house a few weeks ago.

Must crack on once again, loads to do, not enough time to do it all.
Thank you very much for your visit I really appreciate you take time out of your busy day to call by.
Till next time.

Patricia xxx


  1. Morning Patricia,
    Love your card.
    Great photo of your boys.

  2. Your card is beautiful and what a great photo!

  3. Gorgeous card and beautiful picture!

  4. Gorgeous, classy card Patricia. Lovely smiles on all of your boys, xxx

  5. Beautiful card. Patricia and lovely photo.
    Hazel c uk

  6. A perfect Silver Anniversary card Patricia. What a super photograph of your lovely boys xx

  7. Hello Patricia,
    Gorgeous, classy card. No wonder Diane threw mine in the bin!!!
    Handsome males in the photo, they obviously get their good looks from John!! ha ha.
    love Maureen xxx

  8. Hi Patricia,
    what a very super and gorgeous card for your friend.
    Love the wonderful design.
    Super photos of your Grandsons.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Beautiful card for your friend Patricia.
    Great photos of your Grandsons.
    Pam x

  10. Wow a really beautiful card Patricia I am sure Diane will not mind you showing her card the thistle is a lovely touch. I thought you may have put Diane a pair of silver shoes on to remind her of your walk from the Italian that night! Ha ha
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  11. Oops almost forget, what a great picture of all your boys no wonder they grow the way you feed them!

  12. Lovely card for Diane. I didn't know until too late that it was her Silver Wedding Anniversary but I did remember her birthday so hopefully I am forgiven. Lovely card you sent her Patricia. Love the photo of your boys. Thomas has grown since the last photo I saw of him.