Thursday, 1 February 2018

"Chocolate Orange Box"

Hello Blog friends, Happy 1st of February.  
Thank you so much for calling in, great  to see all your lovely comments.  I have tried to get back to you all although some who comment don`t have Blogs.  I do appreciate that you leave a comment, I then know you called by.    Hope you are all well and looking forward to Spring.  I have noticed the nights are gradually getting longer, thank goodness.  No signs of any flowers yet, although this far north it does take a little longer.

Today I have another Box for you I do love making boxes.  This is one I made quite a few of for little Christmas Gifts.  It holds a Terry`s Chocolate Orange beautifully.  The box opens from the bottom to get the Orange in and out, you can open the top and pop some extra sweets in there as well.  

I used card from a stack I bought in USA but any 250 plus gsm will be fine. The box in the foreground I made the lid similar to how John Next Door designed the lid for the Opera Box.  The lid on the other two are per instructions.  I originally saw a Tutorial for this box on:-
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate that you take time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. Hi Patricia
    i am so pleased January is now over it seems to have been such a long month for me .
    Your boxes are lovely they would be very useful for Easter chocolate gifts as my 3 grandchildren { now older } no longer want easter eggs .
    take Care
    Elaine H X

  2. Hi Patricia,
    beautiful boxes and so useful too.
    I like the wonderful designed card used it's lovely.
    I bought John's Sandwich box die the other day and can't wait to play but I have a few family cards to make first.
    Obviously they are not ladies otherwise I could use that die.
    Give my best wishes to Hazel.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hello Patricia,
    Oh this will be so useful for the chocolate oranges which my family love (I don't like chocolate and orange together, it has to be one or the other!)
    love Maureen xx

  4. Lovely boxes Patricia. I made one like the one in front the other day. Just used the Opera box die and cut one section off. They look very useful boxes for Easter. Thank you for sharing these.

  5. Hello Patricia,
    Brilliant boxes, thank you for the link, I'll have a look later. Love the lid on the one in the foreground, think we need a tutorial for that please. I am going to get the opera box die at some point, I love my sandwich box one. I'm with Maureen on this one, don't like the chocolate oranges!
    Love Barbara xxx

  6. Hello Patricia,
    I see I have missed a post! Typical isn’t it! Your boxes are lovely . I too made a square one because one panel wasnt straight. It worked out well!
    Great boxes but I don’t like Chocolate Oranges either!
    Love Myra xx

  7. Hello Patricia
    Yes I’m catching up with your posts! These boxes are super one of my daughters loves chocolate orange. Thank you so much for the link, looks like a useful one. I’m with Maureen, Barbara and Myra I really don’t like chocolate orange at all.
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  8. Oh what a lovely box design Patricia.

    Hugs Diane

  9. A box for chocolate fab, they are my favourite!! Thank you for the link Patricia. I am so pleased that the days are getting longer too. Our bulbs are coming along nicely at last and we are getting some dry days which will make a change from rain!! xx

  10. Well,I can honestly say these boxes are brilliant and turn a chocolate orange into a beautiful gift. Patricia gave one to my husband as an extra Christmas gift. Hazel x

  11. I'm hoping now January is over it might start to get a bit milder lol at least my snowdrops are out in the garden that's supposed to be a good sign!! Fabulous box Patricia I'm so bad at making them but eating chocolate oranges ..I'm very good at..huggles Sue xx

  12. It seems these days I'm always late. So sorry but I do love your boxes. I have a thing for boxes and tags so this post is right up my alley. Lovely!