Monday, 12 February 2018

Little Cube Box

Hello Blog friends and followers, thank you for your visit.  I hope you have all had a good weekend.
We did not go too far it was rather cold.  It was bright and sunny after two dull starts so that was a bonus.  If the sun is shining I do get loads done in the house ... cleaning, crafting, baking etc-:
We had a little celebration here at our house yesterday afternoon.  Our younger grandson Robert 11 has been signed once again as a Trainee Goal Keeper for the Academy Team of Dundee Football Club, that`s his 3 year with the Club.   Mum (Midwife) was working so we decided to have a little "at home" Afternoon Tea.  We had lots of fun, rounding off the afternoon with a "Snowball Fight" ... NO!! we do not have that amount of Snow.  We bought a tub of 20 "indoor snowballs" before Christmas for something like £4.  Tell you what, the fun we have had with that tub of snowballs even since Christmas is amazing.  
 I did manage some good "playtime" I was asked if I could make some little table favours for a Valentine Dinner a friend is having, she needed 14 for the 14th.  I had a look on Pinterest and found a Video Tutorial for some sweet little boxes :- 

Each little box holds a Lindor Truffle
The Video is brilliant and so easy to follow.
The same little box holds 2 t-light's

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by and taking time to comment, I really appreciate it.
Have a great day
Till next time

Here is a picture of the Snowballs, they actually feel like a snowball but obviously they are cosy on the hands. 

Patricia xxx


  1. What sweet little boxes especially there insides 😃!
    I've not heard of indoor snowballs but they sound really fun and no cold hands either.
    Congratulations to your grandson! It's no mean feat getting chosen again as you've got to keep your skills continually good. A friend of my youngest lost his place because he hadn't grown enough although there wasn't much he could do about that apart from being stretched on a rack! He's now a doctor so I think he's happy enough with not being picked. Debra x

  2. Hi Patricia
    Those little boxes are just gorgeous ,I have never heard of the indoor snowballs they sound such fun, we have plenty of snow here this morning but i am quite happy to stay indoors ,i hate the white stuff .
    Stay warm
    Elaine H X

  3. Good morning Patricia
    Oh I love these little boxes they are really super and as you say can be used to give all kinds of little things so classy too.
    Make a note I’m the first of our gang to make it here this morning! Ha! Ha!
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  4. How strange, I just did one of these yesterday, yours are gorgeous. Very similar to John's Opera box, xxxx

  5. Hi Patricia well you’ve done it again some more of your wonderful boxes which I love to see. I still have my lovely box that you made me it sits on my dressing table.

    Thank you for sharing
    Hugs Debs xxx

  6. Hi Patricia,
    Congrats to your Grandson on his wonderful accheivement.
    Not heard of indoor snowballs that's one for the books and to remember as I looked after my Grandchildren today.
    The Granddaughter is 10 and the Grandson is 14 next month.
    Theu were playing tennis or something like it with a ballon today.
    I was referee and score keeper.

    Love those wonderful little boxes they are brillant.
    Thank you for the link.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Well done to Robert!! I hope his skills came in useful during the snowball fight, how wonderful, no soggy gloves!! These little boxes are brilliant, I love the detail...more paper mechanics to suss out!! Actually they would be great for mini eggs at Easter time!! xx

  8. Hello Patricia,
    I love these little boxes and will go on to that site to watch the video. You are a little tinker leading me astray. On second thoughts, I'll make a note of the website and look when I have more time. I hope you realise that I'm second on here!
    love Maureen x

  9. A beautiful box Patricia. Just realised I looked at the blog yesterday, went off to look at the video and forgot to come back and comment. Well I am still here before Myra.😀 Well done to Robert.

  10. Hello Patricia,
    These little boxes are just gorgeous! Thanks for the link too!
    I’m going to pull the sickey card for my delay!! I’ll get my own back on Brenda too! 😀 keep all these lovely ideas coming . It’s great to have you blogging again!
    Love Myra xx