Thursday, 22 February 2018

Some of my other Gift Bags!!!

Hello everyone and thank you for all the lovely comments you have been leaving, I love reading them all.  If anything I do or show gives a little inspiration I am happy ... sharing is goodI have been rather busy this week, just don`t have much to show for it though.  I did meet my sister Hazel on Tuesday, we had a good old face to face chat.  Hazel and I do chat every day and try to meet at least once a month or more if at all possible.  Its a round trip of 100 miles to each others houses so we usually meet half way in a nice Hotel where we have a morning cuppa, well usually two!!  
Yesterday was a beautiful day, I had a great time washing, ironing, cleaning, I love days like that. 
I have not had much time for crafting this week so thought I would show you a couple of the Gift Bags I have sitting waiting to be used when needed. 

First one uses some 12x12 Oriental Papers I have had for years.   I made some paper tassels for decoration.
A little Baby Gift Bag using 12x12  paper that I have had in the cupboard for years.  I decorated the bag with some Pom Poms.
I have stopped buying, well I am trying to stop buying card apart from White for making Base Cards.
I will never, ever get through what I have in stock.  The annoying thing is, even with boxes of card we all have we never seem to have the "exact"  colour we are looking for do we????
That`s it again folks, thank you for your visit I really appreciate it.
Till next time 
Patricia xxx


  1. Two really lovely gift bags Patricia,they look shop bought! I love how you made the handles for the first bag.
    You're so right! I have masses of card like you but it's never quite the right shade I need. Ah well :D. Debra x

  2. Hi Patricia
    Gorgeous gift bags,i especially like the first one with the lovely handles and tassels .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  3. Your gift bags are so nice. That is something I don't do very often and would have to look up instructions for doing them. You did a nice job on them girl. Well done!

  4. Love your bags Patricia. They are always good. Know what you mean about paper and card. Last time I was in The Works they didn’t have any so that was good I couldn’t buy any. 😀. Hope you and a Hazel are keeping well.

  5. Hi Patricia your bags are gorgeous. It is good to have them ready when you need them. You have had a very busy week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  6. Two more fabulous bags Patricia and what great ways to decorate them with tassels and pom poms, really unique xx

  7. Hi Patricia, I know exactly what you mean, we never ever have exactly which card we want, although we have all got hordes of it, I know that I am definitely guilty of that haha.
    Two gorgeous bags, I have always loved your bags, and you have reminded me of my 'oriental' papers that I've had for years and years, although finding it will be a mammoth task haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Hello Patricia,
    These are gorgeous but I've just realised that you are the crafter's version of a bag lady!!!
    love Maureen x

  9. Hello Patricia,
    Two lovely bags! The first one is my favourite but both will be really useful . Maureen has just called you a bag lady!!! Thought that was more Saba - bag and shoe lady!!!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely things with us.
    Love Myra xxx

  10. Hello Patricia,
    I'm late! Both bags are lovely, I like how you have done the handles on the second one, very clever.
    I wouldn't dream of calling you a bag lady! And Myra is in deep trouble.
    Love Barbara xxxx

  11. Hi Patricia yes I know late again I’m catching up!
    Two super bags what a lovely idea to add some Pom poms I would never have thought of that! Sorry I cannot choose between the two I love both!
    Now Barbara don’t be too hard on Myra she is my ducky friend remember.
    With love
    Margaret xxx