Friday, 27 April 2018

I LOVE Bags & Boxes!!!

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers.  Thank you all for continuing to call in, I am sorry I have been missing.  Life in general takes up far more time than you realise.  Nothing exciting just the usual things, I will confess I have been doing some Scrapbook pages.  Our younger Grandson  Robert (11) is signed with Dundee Football Club as a Goalkeeper in their under 12 Development Squad.  They were all away a couple of weeks ago to Valencia Football Club training and playing with their Squad.  They all had to have a parent or adult with them, a great time was had by all.
Here is a picture of Robert in action:-

I have also been making some bags, here are today`s offerings

The grey/blue one is a "fold flat" bag which is great for storing.  You could make a bunch of these and always have a bag ready when needed.
I got all the measurements for the bags over on here:-
Sam does some brilliant Video Tutorials.

I made a very similar purple one to pop a birthday gift in for my friend and neighbour.  I loved it so much myself I just had to make another.  I just wish I had done that one as a fold flat as well.  Never mind it will give me a good excuse to go make another one!!!

That`s it, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for all your visits I do appreciate them.

Patricia xxx



  1. Morning Patricia, Well Done, Robert !! I hope it all goes well for you.
    Your bags are beautiful, and what a good idea to use to 'house' your Birthday card too. I will be popping over to watch your link.
    I hope your weather is better than this - here we have 'straight down' stair-rod rain at the moment and Wednesday we had massive hailstones and also thunder and lightening aswell as the stair-rod rain, yucky.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. Well done to Robert. He is doing well. So pleased to hear that. Lovely bags today Patricia. Thank you. I will look at the link.

  3. Great experience for Robert.
    Gorgeous bags Patricia and great to have a stock on hand, xxx

  4. Hi Patricia,
    what super bags and such clever designs too.
    These would be very useful I'm sure.
    Congrats to Robert and what a wonderful experience for him.
    I know what you mean about life.
    Things take me 3 times as long to do these days.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Patricia your gift bags are gorgeous. I was blown away by the gift and packaging you gave to my friend Diane she showed me when I popped round. Well done to Robert. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  6. Hi Patricia
    What a great photo of Robert in action, I know how proud you are of him. Love the bags, you make them so well and put lovely finishing touches on them. The fold flat ones would be perfect to store as they wouldn't take up so much room.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Two fabulous bags! Love the flowers on the purple one. Don't how she comes up with such wonderful ideas.
    Great shot of Robert in action! He seems to be doing brilliantly in the squad, good on him. Debra x

  8. Hi Patricia good to see Robert is doing well in something he really enjoys. These bags are gorgeous, guess what, I'll be checking these out and trying my hand at them, they are gorgeous and have your floral touch .
    Love Jean xx

  9. Hello Patricia,
    Congratulations to Robert, you must all be so proud. I'm going to look at the link for the flat bags as yours are gorgeous as usual, that's the problem with some of them as they are bulky so impossible to make up a stock because of lack of space.
    love Maureen xx

  10. Hello Patricia,
    Robert is a real Star and I know you are very proud of him. Rightly so!
    The bags are lovely and I have been and had a look at the Link you so kindly gave above! I like the idea that they can fold flat until neeeded! Thanks for sharing!
    Lots of love, Myra xx

  11. Beautiful bags Patricia, i will catch up with the link when i get more time.
    Well done to Robert .
    Elaine H X

  12. Good afternoon Patricia
    What a great action shot of Robert he is doing so well and you all have every right to be so proud of him, he really is doing so well.
    Your begs are gorgeous as usual I really like the fold flat idea for storing until needed, than you for the link, off to follow it now.
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  13. I’m still trying to get in

  14. Hopefully this is working. I should be able to comment now Patricia.
    Love your bags, I will have a look at the link later x

  15. I always love coming to visit! Love your bags and your boxes as well...Hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. Hi Patricia. These bags and boxes are stunning. You always make such beautiful projects. Can I please ask what glue you use for them? Gorgeous colours too xx